Acne Types in Toledo

Can Blush Treat All Acne Types in Toledo?

Did you know more than half of adult women and just under half of adult men have some degree of facial acne? It’s no surprise so many search for acne treatment! In Toledo, Blush Aesthetics offers an acne fighting package that tackles all types of acne. 

Our skin experts worked together to develop a unique plan of attack to stop acne in its tracks, so you won’t find this acne treatment plan anywhere else! Powered by Sciton, our suite of zit-zapping technologies allows us to apply different modalities for the most holistic acne treatment possible. 

Read on for a quick breakdown of the types of acne we treat in Toledo

What are the types of acne?

Not all acne is created equal, anyone dealing with cystic acne can tell you as much. Some types of acne respond to the same treatments, but others may require a unique approach.

Blackheads (open comedones)

Blackheads are the scourge of so many people’s otherwise-clear skin. Blackheads occur when a pore fills with debris (dead skin cells, old makeup, dirt, etc) but stays open, leaving a black dot on your skin. These occur anywhere on the face and body, but they’re typically concentrated around the nose, chin, and forehead. 

Whiteheads (closed comedones)

Whiteheads are another type of clogged pores. Whiteheads form when the pore becomes clogged with excess oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells and then the pore closes up. This leaves behind the tell-tale small white or flesh-colored bump we know as whiteheads.


If all of that gunk manages to get deeper into the skin, it causes inflammation that causes small, red bumps. These bumps feel hard, and if enough cluster in an area it can cause the skin to feel like sandpaper. 


Pustules are probably what you picture when you think “pimple.” Pustules are similar to papules, but they have a “head” of whitish or yellowish pus. These are usually the ones you’ll find yourself wanting to pop. Avoid that temptation! Popping can make your acne much worse. 

Nodules and cysts

The deepest of the types of acne is cystic and nodule. Acne cysts are painful, pus-filled pimples deep in your skin. It can be tempting to try popping these, too, but that’s a bad idea. For starters, squeezing an acne cyst HURTS! It’s also totally ineffective, because the area is typically so inflamed, the gunk you want to squeeze out isn’t anywhere near the surface. This means it’s more likely to push deeper into your skin and make the infection worse. Nodules are similar to cysts, just harder to the touch.

Find treatment for all types of acne at Blush!

We don’t attract patients from all around the globe for nothing! Blush Aesthetics is the premier dermatology med spa for all northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan because we provide the best treatments and service. Our aestheticians are thrilled to offer the best acne treatment for all types of acne in Toledo and a variety of other incredible aesthetic procedures! Use our virtual consultation tool now to see if these treatments could help you, or give us a call or text at 419.520.7546 to speak to an expert!

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