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We customize all of our aesthetic treatments based on each person’s unique skin.

Our nurse practitioners and nurses at Blush Aesthetics provide only the most revolutionary, proven, and credible aesthetic treatments. From anti-aging procedures and techniques to products and sound advice, we have the next-level skillset to get you where you need to be.

It all starts with a VISIA® skin analysis for a deeper look at your skin condition. From there, your customized aesthetic treatment plan takes shape.

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Why do you need a plan for your aesthetic treatments?

For the best, most long-lasting results, frankly, there are no “one-and-done” aesthetic treatments. When you want to achieve continual rejuvenation and anti-aging without invasive and expensive surgery, it takes time. The proper aesthetic treatment plan allows you and your provider to visualize the road map to the best version of you.

Skin maintenance in your 20s

Patients in their 20s typically want to enhance the quality of their complexion while fending off signs of aging before they start. After your first series of treatments, maintaining your healthy new glow is simple!

Basic maintenance would include something like MOXI or Red Carpet Facials twice yearly. Baby tox touch-ups can be included, too. For younger patients who want to tackle stubborn scars, microneedling is an incredible add-on for maintenance. Another great option for maintaining a bright complexion is scheduling monthly DiamondGlow® facials.

Skin maintenance in your 30s

Once we’re in our 30s, our collagen production has slowed down by at least 10% (likely more thanks to environmental exposure). To strengthen your collagen production, combination therapies and maintenance treatments include more biostimulating factors.

Maintaining gorgeous, youthful skin in your 30s could look incredibly different based on the state of your skin. For example, you could start with a once-yearly series that includes BBL, Moxi, tox, and a vial of Sculptra biostimulating filler injected into your areas of concern. Six months after completing that series, following up with another BBL facial, Halo laser resurfacing, and a tox refresh will keep you where you want to be.

If skin laxity is a concern, we may recommend adding microneedling (with or without radiofrequency depending on your needs) or profractional laser therapy to tighten skin. Monthly DiamondGlow® treatments enhance and maintain your skin’s brightness, as well.

Skin maintenance in your 40s

As the signs of aging grow more prominent, the need for custom aesthetic treatment planning becomes essential! The combination therapies we use to tackle them require more planning to ensure these techniques and technologies are used intelligently. Patients in their 40s who are dedicated to maintaining that “you cannot be in your 40s” complexion may need more frequent visits.

We recommend BBL and Red Carpet facials, plus tox, about 4 times per year as the basis of your maintenance. Adding in MOXI or Halo laser facials and tox injections twice per year really boosts things to the next level. As with patients in their 30s concerned with skin laxity, microneedling or profractional therapy can help reverse skin laxity in your 40s.

Skin maintenance in your 50s and beyond

At this point, all but the biggest genetic-jackpot-winners may feel they’re fighting a losing battle against the signs of aging. But with our combination of anti-aging treatments and thoughtful planning, you can hold your own!

For general skin maintenance, patients in their 50s benefit from DiamondGlow® facials every 2 months, along with either Red Carpet or BBL depending on your needs. A twice yearly Moxi or Halo laser, accompanied by profractional or resurfacing therapies as needed, provides a boost. We typically recommend 1 to 2 vials of Sculptra biostimulating filler twice yearly.

If you want additional power to fight skin laxity, microneedling is always a great option!

It’s worth noting again that your series of anti-aging treatments is customized to you based on your skin and your goals. That means we take into account your timeline for wanting results, the financial investment you want to make, your schedule, and more. Some patients may benefit from more of certain treatments over others, or their timeline could be very different from the examples discussed here.

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