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Medical Weight Loss in Toledo

Achieve Your Ideal Weight

Achieve healthy weight loss and feel better than ever

Sometimes losing weight on your own isn’t just challenging, it’s impossible. There are so many things in our daily lives and family histories that contribute to weight gain and our body’s ability to shed that weight. That’s why it’s important for overweight adults to understand how their habits, lifestyle, and genetics contribute to their weight.

Sometimes you know what’s causing your struggles with weight loss, and sometimes no matter how hard you try, the weight just won’t budge. The weight loss specialists at Blush Aesthetics take the time to discuss all of your weight loss goals and find the right approach to success.

How it Works

01. Consultation
Before any kind of weight loss treatment, you’ll meet with a Blush specialist who will help you understand your options and discuss your goals.
02. Determine Treatment
There are several different options for weight loss support treatment. We take a highly educational approach to ensure you fully understand your treatment and how it will help you meet your goals.
03. Treatment
Your treatment process will depend upon what medical weight loss support you and your provider choose. This could, for example, include prescription medication, weight loss injections, body contouring, or hormone therapy.
04. After Care
We will keep in touch through monthly check in appointments to ensure you get the support you need to find success along your weight loss journey.

Why choose Blush for medical weight loss?

Compassionate Care
Our top priority is ensuring you get the highest quality weight loss support from providers who truly care.
Personalized Approach
As a patient at Blush, you receive completely customized care to ensure your treatment is effective and results are long lasting.
Real Results
With our weight loss support, you can reach your goal weight and maintain your results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Weight Loss

Get Started

You don’t have to navigate your weight loss journey alone! The team at Blush Aesthetics is here to help.