Lichen Sclerosus Treatments

Your Guide to Women’s Wellness Treatments

As a woman, taking care of your health isn’t just a “nice to have” luxury—it’s essential. When you prioritize your health and well-being, you lay the foundation for everything else in your life. 

One quick note: when we talk about health, we aren’t just talking about the physical function of bodies. Health includes every aspect of us, from the way we think, to how we feel, to the way we connect with others. 

Blush Aesthetics is a med spa in Perrysburg that’s all about helping patients feel incredible from the inside out. Our team of women’s health experts offers treatments tailored to your specific needs and concerns. Whether it’s about feeling more confident with your reflection in the mirror or feeling stronger and healthier in your body, we’ve got you covered. 

We offer a range of women’s wellness treatments to improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. If you’re ready to take control of your health, we are here to support you every step of the way. Just be prepared to feel unstoppable 👊

Because we can’t cover every treatment we offer for women’s wellness in this blog (we have a lot of treatments, and you probably don’t have an extra two hours to read about all of them), we narrowed it down to two key areas of women’s wellness that often get overlooked: sexual health and weight management. 

If you want to learn about the other treatments we offer, explore our website or schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns. Then, we’ll get started on creating a personalized care plan just for you. 

Sexual Health Treatments 

Sexual health plays a major role in your overall well-being. It goes beyond just the physical act—it’s about feeling at ease in your body, fostering satisfying relationships, and embracing intimacy and pleasure. 

Our sexual wellness treatments are designed to help you feel more amazing than ever before. In this section, we’re covering two of our most effective treatments to improve your sexual health: vaginal rejuvenation and lichen sclerosus treatments. 

Vaginal Rejuvenation

As women, our bodies go through a lot of changes during our lifetime. From puberty to childbirth and menopause, our bodies are constantly transforming and adapting to fit our needs. 

It’s no secret that our intimate areas take on a lot of these changes (shoutout to all the incredible moms out there!) At Blush Aesthetics, we offer diVa, a vaginal rejuvenation treatment to help improve comfort, confidence, and intimacy-related issues. 


diVa is an advanced laser designed to improve women’s gynecological health. It delivers two laser energies to the vaginal walls, where it works to resurface and replace dead skin cells with new cells. The result? Stronger vaginal walls and increased lubrication. 


The diVa vaginal rejuvenation laser can treat a variety of concerns, including: 

  • Vaginal atrophy (vaginal walls are thin and dry) 
  • Urinary stress incontinence
  • Painful or unsatisfying sex
  • Perineal scars 

The diVa treatment is quick and easy. The treatment itself only takes 3 to 5 minutes, so it’s something that you can do over your lunch break!

woman receiving a consultation at Blush Aesthetics for lichen sclerosus treatment


There is no downtime after the procedure, so when it’s over, you can get right back to your day.


In addition to diVa, we can also use the Profractional laser for vaginal rejuvenation, specifically for vaginal laxity (the looseness of vaginal tissue).

Lichen Sclerosus 

Lichen sclerosus is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that affects about 1 in 80 women. If you have this condition, it’s important to seek out lichen sclerosus treatments to prevent potential complications. 

Lichen sclerosus most commonly affects postmenopausal women, but anyone (regardless of their gender or age) can experience this condition. 

Want to find out if you are a candidate for our lichen sclerosus treatments? Take our free online lichen sclerosus quiz to get instant feedback and results! 


Lichen sclerosus usually affects the genital and anal areas (but it can appear on other parts of the body too). Lichen sclerosus is not contagious and is not spread through sexual contact

Symptoms of lichen sclerosus can vary from person to person, making each experience unique. However, some of the most common symptoms include: 

  • White, raised spots on your vulva or anus
  • Intense itching in the affected area
  • Discomfort, pain, or soreness during sex or urination
  • Smooth or wrinkled patches of discolored skin
  • Scarring, fragile skin, and easy bruising


The exact cause of lichen sclerosus is unknown. Researchers suspect that a number of factors affect the development of this condition, which include: 

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Autoimmune response
  • Trauma or injury

While we don’t know the cause of this condition, we do know that some people are at a greater risk of developing it than others. These include: 

  • Postmenopausal and premenopausal women
  • Women with an autoimmune disease
  • Individuals with a family history of lichen sclerosus


The primary treatment obstetricians use for lichen sclerosus is steroid cream. You typically apply these creams daily, directly to the affected area. Unfortunately, steroid creams only help to manage symptoms, and they don’t work well for many patients who have lichen sclerosus. 

Laser therapy has recently gained popularity as an effective treatment and tool to manage lichen sclerosus. At Blush Aesthetics, our lichen sclerosus treatments use laser therapy to help alleviate bothersome symptoms and improve the appearance of the affected skin. 

ProFractional Laser 

We use the ProFractional laser to deliver targeted energy to the affected area(s). This energy penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate the body’s natural healing response, leading to the increased production of collagen and elastin. 


Increased collagen is essential for healthy skin and skin regeneration. Essentially, this laser treatment helps your body replace the old, damaged tissue with new and healthy skin cells. The result? Improved symptoms! 

The Process for Lichen Sclerosus Treatments at Blush

Are you ready to get started with a lichen sclerosus treatment? It all starts with a consultation! During this appointment, we will get to know you and your health history. 

If you have had a biopsy or have been seen by a WHNP or OB / GYN in the past year, please have them send the records to us or bring them to your consultation appointment or have them sent to us by your provider.

Next, we will determine if you are a candidate for our ProFractional lichen sclerosus treatment. Patients who are not a candidate for this treatment include anyone with an active sexually transmitted infection or who is in the process of gender re-identification. 

If you are a candidate, we may be able to provide treatment on the same day. You’ll relax in one of our private treatment rooms while our provider uses the ProFractional handpiece to deliver your treatment. 

The best part? There is little to no downtime after your treatment! Most patients return to their daily activities right after the procedure. We do recommend that you avoid bathtubs, swimming pools, and sexual contact for at least a week after your treatment (you may have some pinpoint bleeding and a slight sunburn feeling in the treatment area). 

Weight Management

Weight management isn’t just about appearances—it’s a critical component of your overall health. Maintaining a healthy weight lowers your risk of numerous health conditions and helps you feel your best in your body. 

Treatments for Weight Management 

At Blush Aesthetics, we take a balanced approach to weight management.

close up image of person injecting weight loss medication into the skin


By incorporating healthy lifestyle habits (like physical activity and healthy eating), along with our weight loss treatments, we can help you shed the excess pounds and keep them off long-term. 

Prescription Medications

Sometimes, your body needs help jump-starting the weight loss process. Prescription medications, like semaglutide, can help you take the first step toward achieving your weight loss goals. 

Semaglutide works by suppressing your appetite and allows you to feel fuller for longer. While this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, it can be a valuable tool for patients who are struggling to lose weight. 

Learn more about our weight loss injections in Toledo

Hormone Therapy

Your hormones are responsible for nearly all of your body’s functions. If your hormones become unbalanced (which commonly occurs alongside aging), it can make weight loss next to impossible. Sometimes, if you get your hormones back on the right track, you will find it easier to lose weight. 

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