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The best place for medical aesthetics in Toledo

At Blush, we focus on giving every person who walks through our doors the star treatment. From the beginning, we’ve been driven by the desire to help people in and around Toledo and the surrounding region to achieve a higher level of confidence in themselves.

We’re here to be your self-care cheerleaders

At Blush, we believe in you: your beauty, your happiness, and your confidence.

To help you feel like the real you, we’ve built our entire practice around providing the right skin treatments, resources, and support you need to shine.

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Find time for a little self-love

Just in case you haven’t heard it in a while: You are stunning, powerful, and brilliant. At Blush Aesthetics medical spa in Toledo, we understand how busy schedules, stress, the environment, and the unstoppable march of time can wear you down and make it hard to remember just how fabulous you are.

The Blush origin story

Blush Aesthetics was founded in December 2016 to provide support and resources for medical aesthetics in Toledo.

Our founder, Erin Hennessey, and the whole team behind Blush understand how unhappiness with your skin can impact your overall confidence. Our passion is to help women and men of all ages, stages, and races have the healthiest skin possible.

These were the founding principles around which Blush was created. All of our services provide the most revolutionary, proven, and credible procedures, techniques, and products. And we believe a busy lifestyle shouldn’t be a barrier to accessing these exciting choices.

For this reason, Blush Aesthetics has extended weekday hours.

The mission

Offering go-to skin treatments in the Toledo area for both local and regional patients, our mission at Blush Aesthetics is to promote healthy living, graceful aging, and natural results. A revived and youthful exterior to support a confident interior is what we aim for. We want your friends and family to notice how happy and refreshed you look.

With every skin treatment, we offer the care, attention to detail, and results-oriented services you need to look and feel your best.

Best friends forever

Whether you’re considering your first treatment or are a long-term patient of our medspa, it’s our mission to always make sure you feel like you’re here with your educated, honest, and talented best friends.

As a premier, personalized cosmetic dermatology practice in Ohio, we’re proud to serve the northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan areas, including Toledo, Perrysburg, Bowling Green, Sylvania, Ottawa Hills, Maumee, Napoleon, Lambertville, Temperance and Fremont with confidence-boosting aesthetic treatments.

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