Treatment type:
Sessions needed:
Results duration:
3-6 weeks

DiamondGlow Facial in Toledo

Get a Revival

What's DiamondGlow for?

Dry & Damaged Skin
Add moisture and health to dry or tired skin.
Trapped Oil & Dirt
Exfoliate your skin and release trapped oil, dirt, and makeup.
Eliminate inflammatory bacteria, white heads, and blackheads.

Get glowing reviews on your skin

If you’re looking for your skin’s new best friend, let us introduce you to the DiamondGlow facial! This treatment exfoliates, rejuvenates, and revives your skin for a youthful, healthy glow. Clogged pores and bacteria are no match for the cleansing power of the DiamondGlow facial. In Toledo, there’s nowhere better to get your glow on than here at Blush Aesthetics.

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What happens after DiamondGlow?

Immediately after your DiamondGlow facial, your skin may appear a little flushed. This dissipates quickly and leaves you with a vibrant, healthy glow that can last up to 6 weeks with a solid at-home skincare routine!

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How it Works

01. Consultation
An optional consultation can be super important for getting to know you and your goals! We start with a health history, skin analysis, and discussion of your current skincare regimen.
02. Determine Treatment
DiamondGlow facials are beneficial for nearly every skin type and tone. After we set realistic expectations for what you're hoping to get out of your treatment, we can get started in the same day if you'd like!
03. Treatment
While you lay back and relax, your provider uses the innovative, handheld DiamondGlow device to exfoliate damaged skin, deep clean pores, and infuse your skin with an ultra-nourishing serum to boost your results.
04. After Care
After your treatment is complete, you'll get any needed instructions on how to care for your skin and learn about additional ways we can help you look and feel your best.

Why visit Blush for a DiamondGlow facial?

Deep Exfoliation
Remove deep layers of pore-clogging dead skin, makeup, dirt, and oil.
Acne Busting
Power-wash away acne causing bacteria and reduces black heads.
Major Hydration
Return necessary hydration to tired, dry, or flaking skin.

DiamondGlow Facial FAQs

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