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Find an Effective Acne Treatment in Toledo

Face wash commercials always show the same thing—some poreless teenage girl laughing and splashing water on her face. But we all know in reality there are a bunch of 40 year old women trying to decide if they should prioritize covering the breakout on their chin or the bags under their eyes. In fact, more than half of adult women and just under half of adult men have some degree of facial acne. So, it’s no surprise so many search for acne treatment! In Toledo, Blush Aesthetics offers an acne fighting package that’s simply the best.

Our skin experts worked together to develop a unique plan of attack to stop acne in its tracks, so you won’t find this acne treatment plan anywhere else! Powered by Sciton, our suite of zit-zapping technologies allows us to apply different modalities for the most holistic acne treatment possible. 

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How to treat acne

For many of us, the specter of acne is always there, growling menacingly and just daring us to go to bed without washing our face. 

Everyone’s acne is as unique as they are, but thankfully the basic types of acne typically respond as expected to our different acne treatments in Toledo. Forever Clear BBL stands apart from the crowd of other acne treatments by using powerful bacteria-fighting light-based technology. BBL, or broadband light, is the most powerful form of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) light therapy

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Additionally, our laser technologies and deep-cleansing facial options support our multi-modality approach to acne treatment. For patients who are interested, this personalized approach can also include medication therapy.

Finding effective acne treatment

One thing we understand as skin professionals is that, sometimes, acne does not respond to treatments that can eradicate breakouts on someone else. Because we know exactly how effective our acne treatment plan is, we expect to see at least a 75% improvement in your acne after our unique series of treatments.

So, what happens if your acne isn’t significantly improved after treatment with us? Because your wellness and satisfaction are our ultimate goals, you don’t have to worry about losing money you put toward acne treatments that don’t work.

Nine times out of ten, our system leads to clear, glowing skin, but any money spent on acne treatment that’s less effective than our goal, we’ll put into your client wallet to use for acne scar treatment after Accutane

Acne treatment for teens

Teenagers suffer from acne more than any other group. And acne treatment for teens can absolutely get complicated. Hormone fluctuations play the biggest part in this, but plenty of other challenges cause breakouts in this age group. For starters, getting a teenage boy to consistently wash his face can be like herding cats Teens also spend a lot of time in sports and outdoors. 

Our skin experts work with teenagers to assess and clear their acne while instilling lifelong skin knowledge and encouraging good habits. It can take a little extra work, but Blush Aesthetics can provide effective acne treatment for teens in Toledo

Laser acne treatment

Laser facials can be a great way to eradicate acne while improving overall skin tone. We love the ClearSilk 1064 because it uses pulsing beams of light to gently heat the deeper layers of the skin. This stimulates collagen, heals blood vessels, decreases inflammation, and heals acne! The 1064 isn’t ablative, meaning it preserves the outer layer of your skin to eliminate the need for significant downtime. 

After a laser facial treatment, we recommend using non-irritating and non-clogging skin products for at least the first week. We usually recommend choosing from the selection of medical-grade skincare products we carry. 

The brands we carry include Glytone, Alastin, our Blush Signature Line, Bio-Pelle, SkinMedica, and more. We select products based on their effectiveness and overall quality. After your laser acne treatment, your provider will discuss product recommendations.This ensures you get pure, quality ingredients to nourish your new skin.

The only time we will tell you to not wear sunscreen is immediately after a laser facial, because sunscreen can clog pores. This means you need to avoid the sun as much as possible, still wear sunscreen on your untreated skin, and if you do need to be in the sun, break out the big floppy hat and protective clothing to cover the treated area.

Once you feel comfortable, bring the sunscreen back. Wear That Sunscreen! Invest in quality sunscreen that feels good on your face (so you’ll actually apply it) and offers broadband protection against UVA and UVB rays. It should have an SPF of 30 or more. Apply 20 minutes before going outside and apply a fresh layer right before going out. Reapply every 2 hours.

Diligent sunscreen use (when washed off at the end of the day!) helps to clear and maintain clear skin. 

Get rid of acne scars

Say you’ve finally gotten rid of your acne—yay! Now you’ve got clear, smooth…oh wait, what about those pesky acne scars? No one will argue that acne scars are more uncomfortable than active acne, but they still add unwanted texture and pigment to your complexion. After all the work you put into clearing your skin, why settle for half done? 

We offer several approaches to minimize acne scars, from resurfacing treatments to RF microneedling and more. Encouraging your skin’s deepest healing processes leads to increased cell turnover and renewal of your skin. Not only do your acne scars fade away, the treatments leave you with overall brighter, smoother skin.  

Your acne treatment plan

No one plan for acne treatment in Toledo will look the same, because no one person is the same! We have mastered the secret sauce for an incredibly effective acne treatment using technologies like BBL and laser therapies, but the specifics of how we apply those customizable treatments is unique to you. 

In addition to laser and light application, we offer prescription topical therapies and medical-grade skincare products to support your fight against acne.

For many patients, medical intervention is often a major ally in their fight against acne. We often utilize medications or antibiotics known to encourage clearer skin, but if you don’t want to employ these resources, that’s okay! While it may affect the overall impact of your acne treatment, we’re happy to stick with our aesthetic approaches for anyone not interested in prescriptions. 

Forever Clear BBL

ForeverClear is an incredible acne treatment for teens and adults suffering from recurring acne breakouts. It uses advanced light-pulsing technology to target acne-causing irritants at their roots for blemish-free skin that lasts.

ForeverClear targets and kills acne-causing irritants at their roots with cutting-edge light therapy that reduces inflammation and triggers the body’s natural healing process, all in the one procedure. This potent combination eliminates acne at its source and ensures it stays gone for good.

ClearSilk 1064 laser

ClearSilk’s uniform, non-ablative heating ensures beautiful, reliable acne-busting results. A perfectly placed infrared sensor monitors the temperature of the skin for the safest and most effective laser energy delivery. Lights on the side of the handpiece indicate the skin’s temperature between 32-42° C to improve the speed of treatment while simultaneously conserving patient comfort.

DiamondGlow exfoliating facial

DiamondGlow is a facial treatment that resurfaces and refreshes skin using a series of patented diamond-tip applicators that exfoliate, extract, and infuse targeted serums. We customize the treatment to your skin’s specific needs. 

The pneumatic vacuum in the applicator gives exfoliation and extraction to the point of gentle skin resurfacing. This allows for the serums to penetrate deeper into your skin for greater results!

The exfoliation from the unique vacuum powered diamond tip deep cleans your pores, delivering a clean unlike any other. White heads, blackheads, and inflammatory bacteria are all sucked away. When paired with the healing and regenerative properties of the medical-grade serums, you’ll notice clearer skin in no time!

What serum works for acne?

The serums we use with the DiamondGlow are from the SkinMedica Pro-Infusion series. Each of these quality serums is sulfate/sulphite free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free.

The SkinMedica Pore Clarifying serum is a powerful way to address imperfections and promote clearer skin. We generally recommend the SkinMedica Pore Clarifying serum to our more acne-prone patients. 

Types of acne

Not all acne is created equal; anyone dealing with cystic acne can tell you as much. Some types of acne respond to the same treatments, but others may require a unique approach. Dermatologists and skin experts break acne out into these categories:

  • Blackheads (open comedones)
  • Whiteheads (closed comedones)
  • Papules
  • Pustule
  • Nodules and cysts

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