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Stretch Mark Treatment in Toledo

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Reduce stretch marks and restore your confidence

Your skin can get stretch marks from any number of things: pregnancy, weight gain, muscle gain, you looked at it wrong, aging, weight loss—you get it.

It’s time to enjoy perfectly beautiful skin again. Make the dread of showing your skin a thing of the past with Lutronic Genius® stretch mark reduction in Toledo from Blush Aesthetics.

You can’t go wrong with Genius’ gold-plated system for healing RF energy. Lutronic Genius gives “real-time” feedback for the most precise possible energy delivery for your body skin tightening needs.

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What happens after stretch mark treatment?

After RF microneedling for stretch marks, expect your skin to be slightly red and swollen, similar to a mild sunburn, for a couple of days. At first your skin will be rougher textured as the damaged skin sloughs off to reveal the healthier skin beneath. Most patients have no problem returning to their normal activities (while avoiding the sun) after treatment.

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How it Works

01. Consultation
Beginning with a skin analysis, health history, and current skin care regimen, we work with you to learn all about your top concerns.
02. Determine Treatment
Equipped with the info gathered during your consultation, we decide what treatment(s) support your goals. If we decide stretch mark treatment with Lutronic Genius is right for you, we can get started!
03. Treatment
While you lay back and relax, your provider applies your RF microneedling treatment. The device creates tiny micro-punctures to deliver radiofrequency energy into the dermis, where it supercharges the triggered healing process and creates a major tightening effect.
04. After Care
After your body skin tightening treatment, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to care for your skin. We'll ensure you're happy with your results and share additional ways we can help you look and feel your best.

Why visit Blush for stretch mark treatment in Toledo?

Lutronic Genius' advanced technology is tested and non-invasive.
Lutronic Genius covers larger swathes of skin, resulting in minimal treatment time.
While the Lutronic Genius tool can cover large areas, it’s also able to focus on small, sensitive, and hard-to-reach areas of the body.

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