More Than Just a Facial


Does your skin need a refresh? Is the younger you longing to be revealed? We know that acne, scarring, fines lines and wrinkles can make you feel like hiding out. Let Blush help you bring your radiance to the surface with this multi-system technology to optimize the plumpness, volume, hydration, tone and texture of your skin.

Turn Back the Effects of Time


Are you ready to take back your youthful skin? Microneedling, is an innovative, minimally-invasive treatment we use to stimulate collagen production and diminish signs of aging. Say “no thank you” to acne scars, wrinkles, skin laxity and aging.

Target Those Trouble Spots

Body Sculpting

We all have places on our bodies that make us feel self-conscious. Blush can help you improve your natural appearance with Tripolar RF technology. This amazing procedure will reduce cellulite and stretch marks as well as slim and tighten areas that diet and exercise cannot treat alone. 

Reveal Your Inner Confidence

Chemical Peels

Bring us your redness, acne, melasma, uneven skin tone and dry skin. We use only custom, medical-grade products to treat your specific issues. Try our peels in combination with other treatments to enhance your results even further!

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inner confidence | outer beauty

At Blush Aesthetics, we believe you deserve the opportunity to have your outer appearance reflect the confidence you feel inside. We use state-of-the-art technologies to transform your skin into the healthy, youthful skin you have always wanted. Our goal at Blush Aesthetics is to understand your needs and desires and create a customized plan to achieve your aesthetic goals. Your Blush Aesthetics team knows that whatever you are doing in your life, you are putting everything you have into it. We encourage you to take a little time for self-care and maintenance as a part of your overall health plan. Our services and products are designed to give you the best possible natural results with the least amount of downtime, pain or recovery - and to let your inner beauty shine. The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.



It’s here! HALO by Sciton is the solution you have been waiting for to reverse the signs of aging. Sciton is the leading company in laser technology and Blush Aesthetics was the first to bring it to the Toledo area. HALO is a revolutionary, non-surgical treatment with minimal pain or downtime. It helps to eliminate or improve acne scarring, sun damage, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Don’t put life on hold to look and feel your best. HALO is the gift that keeps on giving. It works with your body’s natural remodeling processes to boost collagen production during and even after your treatment. Unlike temporary remedies HALO is a lasting investment in your most valuable resource - you!

Our clinicians at Blush Aesthetics are trained and accredited to provide HALO™ treatments.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Erin Hennessey & the girls at Blush Aesthetics! I would highly recommend them to everyone! Erin is an expert in the field and I know I can trust her 100%. She truly wants to help her patients look and feel better…and you will!

Laura Webber

I’ve lived in 5 different cities and I’ve never experienced service like I have at Blush Aesthetics. [Dr. Hennessey] truly, genuinely cares about you and getting you results and wants to help you look and feel beautiful. I can’t emphasize enough how truly wonderful my experience at blush aesthetics was!

Majd Zuhour

Dr. Hennessey literally saved my skin! She is so knowledgeable and down to earth and will make you feel comfortable. Not to mention the entire Blush team is so awesome as well! I am so happy I found this gem and I will never stop giving them my business.

Mackenzie Meyer

Really nice and very helpful, never got help for my skin and acne problems before, not even from a dermatologist or surgeon.

Justin Crowe

Super wonderful experience at Blush! Dr. Hennessey and Jessica are so knowledgeable and helpful, honest, and overall awesome to work with. As my acne treatment plan is coming to a close, I already know I’ll be back as often as they’ll let me to reap the insane benefits of the dermalinfusion!

Noelle Roerig

My experiences at Blush has been exceptional! You receive a complementary consultation and they let you know what is needed for your own skin. I went in for something I wanted and they explained everything thoroughly. The staff is excellent and I would highly recommend.

Michelle Mefferd

Dr. Hennessey and BBL are equally amazing. The consultation and plan for my skin care was excellent. The BBL treatment was easily tolerated and no down time needed. Within 24 hours I noticed that my dark under eye circles were lighter and the redness in my skin was gone. Over the next few days my skin became smoother. At 2 weeks out the skin under my eyes is lighter and seems thicker, my crows feet are less pronounced and my makeup goes on much smoother. Multiple people have commented that my skin looks brighter. I am also using a tinted sun screen recommended by Erin. The whole experience was fantastic and I can not wait for my next appointment at Blush.

Jennifer Harold

Erin is extraordinarily gifted at what she does. She listened to my concerns and tailored a skin care plan based on achieving the goals we discussed. It’s been about a year since I started coming to Blush, and I’ve seen a tremendous improvement in my skin. I can trust Erin, and that means the world to me. I would highly recommend her to anyone that has skin care concerns.

Jamie Hallock

Recently had a laser hair removal service. The salon was clean, the ladies were nice and Erin did a great job as always! It was painless, quick and to the point. I’ve never doubted Erin when she tells me to do something a certain way, and I’ve also always had a great experience with the services she’s provided for me. She knows the information and actually cares about her clients/patients which is one of the things I absolutely love about her. You won’t be disappointed!


Dr. Hennessey was awesome! I went in for Dysport and was very nervous but not after talking to her, she made me feel so comfortable. I also expected to be sold on all kinds of services but not here. She is genuine and knows her stuff. I am very happy with the results and wish every doctor was like her!

Patty Thomas

I am so happy I was referred to Erin. She has addressed several concerns with my skin in a holistic approach and is so full of information and has helped me to learn more about my skin. She is super easy to talk to and has a wonderful personality! I have had BBL laser treatments for Rosacea, a skin lesion removed, and filler to address my tired looking under eye. All resulted in beautiful results! I would recommend Erin to anyone!!

Alison Simms


Botox is an injectable treatment to reduce wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet. Botox is widely used to minimize or even erase common facial lines that add years to the face. It is easy, virtually painless for most people and very effective. You will see results right away with maximum results in 4-6 weeks. A great option for men and women, most people find every 3-4 months to be a good schedule for treatments. Botox can prove beneficial for a wide age range of patients as this is an extremely popular cosmetic treatment. Whether you're in your 20s or above, male or female, it's an effective way to keep a fresh, youthful appearance with minimal downtime!

Let Your Inner Beauty Shine!


You feel forever young. Shouldn’t it show? Forever Young BBL™ by Sciton uses the trusted, innovative BroadBand Light Therapy to work below the skin’s surface to regenerate natural collagen and give you the youthful, vibrant appearance and reduce the signs of aging. Those pesky red and brown spots that make you feel older? Acne, laxity and dull skin? We can help you slow the clock! Treat areas all over the body that take away from harnessing your highest level of confidence: hands, back, face and neck. Forever Young BBL™ has been clinically proven to boost collagen not only during the treatment - but for months after.

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Feeling and looking your best means having a holistic approach to your wellness. Feminine health deserves as much attention as every other part of the body, mind and spirit. For women of any age, diVa® is an effective choice to take charge of your vaginal health. It is non-surgical with minimal downtime. Using HFL technology, your body’s natural remodeling processes respond producing higher collagen levels to improve natural elasticity, tone and lubrication. If you have noticed changes in your vaginal condition over time, consult our team at Blush Aesthetics for your private consultation.