7 Things You'll Love About the Red Carpet Facial in Toledo

7 Things You’ll Love About the Red Carpet Facial in Toledo | Laser Treatments

As the number of laser skin treatments in Toledo grows, there is one laser treatment we feel has only grown in popularity: the Red Carpet laser facial. 

At Blush Aesthetics, our laser specialists use a non-ablative fractional laser to gently resurface the skin, without harming the epidermis (skin’s surface). Delivering fractionated laser energy to the skin tells the body to produce new cells, collagen, and elastin, and basically it tells the old skin cells to scram! 

Once you finish your Red Carpet facial in Toledo and your cells turn over, you’re left with skin that’s rejuvenated, glowing, and youthful. Almost as if you’re ready for the Red Carpet  

Here are 7 things you’ll love about the Red Carpet laser facial  

1. It’s versatile 

The Red Carpet facial in Toledo remains a fan favorite because of its versatility. The gentle, non-ablative laser targets multiple aesthetic and textural concerns. Whether you’re struggling with aging issues, acne, or you simply want to pamper yourself with a facial rejuvenation treatment, this treatment can make it all happen!

The concerns we treat: 

  • Uneven skin tone
  • Enlarged pores 
  • Dull skin
  • Skin laxity
  • Acne 
  • Acne scars (reduce redness)
  • Wrinkles
  • Small veins

2. Treatment is gentle 

The nature of a non-ablative laser is much gentler than its ablative counterpart. Ablative lasers remove the epidermis (the top layer of your skin) to reduce imperfections and signs of aging. Non-ablative lasers penetrate the deeper layer of your skin to perform similar results without harming the surface. 

3. Treatment is painless

Since the treatment is so gentle, we don’t even need topical anesthetic! Patients rarely report pain or discomfort; they tend to describe the sensation as warmth similar to a sunburn. It’s possible that you’ll experience mild swelling and discomfort right after treatment, but this will subside quickly. 

4. You’ll be in and out

Who doesn’t love an in and out in a flash kind of situation? When you come in for your Red Carpet facial in Toledo, you’ll be delighted to know the treatment itself only takes about 20 minutes! You’ll be getting on with your day faster than you can say Red Carpet laser facial

5. Results are both immediate and progressive 

Immediate results are such a rarity; nothing beats it! You’ll notice results right away, but as your redness subsides and your cells start turning over, the results will just keep comin’. 

With our recommended number of treatment sessions (somewhere between 2 to 4) and our medical-grade skincare product recommendations, you can experience long lasting results. 

6. It boosts confidence 

It’s called the Red Carpet laser facial for a reason—it boosts your confidence as if you yourself were walking the red carpet tonight! The glow and revitalized look this treatment gives you is unmatched.

You can very well feel like a celeb with your flawless, camera-ready skin and newfound confidence. 

7. This facial is perfect for event prep

If you need a little help with event prep in Toledo, this treatment has your back. Maybe your wedding is coming up or you want to get your skin looking its best for an upcoming party. It doesn’t matter how big or small the event is, you will be glowing!

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Since we recommend more than one treatment session for optimal results, your best bet would be to start treatments about 3 months before the event. We recommend spacing out treatments by 1 month, so by the time your event rolls around you’ll have 3 under your belt! 

If you’re in an absolute time crunch, you can get the Red Carpet laser facial one week before the event—but no fewer than 7 days! 

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See, what’s not to love?

Let’s get you Red Carpet Ready with our red carpet facial in Toledo! The first thing we’d do is meet you in person for a consultation. Here we’ll discuss your skin concerns, goals, and answer any questions you have! 

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