Skin Tightening Treatments for the Face in Perrysburg

Keep Your Skin Tight and Healthy

As people age, the skin ages too, losing its natural collagen and elasticity. Until recently, surgical procedures were the only option for truly relieving this concern. Thanks to advances in aesthetic technologies, you can now find non-surgical skin tightening treatments for the face. In Perrysburg, Blush Aesthetics offers a variety of skin tightening treatments for the face and the body, including well-loved names like Sciton’s SkinTyte and Clearsilk, skin tightening with our 1064 laser, and radiofrequency (RF) microneedling with Lutronic Genius and Lumenis Legend Pro. These treatments allow for new ways to address loose skin without the need for significant downtime associated with surgery.

If loose skin has caught up with you, fight back and restore the youthful look you love with skin tightening from Blush!

Skin tightening at home | Do jade rollers help tighten sagging skin?

Do jade rollers help tighten sagging skin? No, no they do not. 

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not hating on jade rollers! There just isn’t enough scientific evidence to support some of the beneficial claims of facial rollers. A lot of people still enjoy using jade rollers in their skincare routine, and for good reason.

The materials used in facial rollers tend to be cool and can be refrigerated to enhance this quality, so when you use them on your face it can temporarily reduce puffiness. 

Proper usage of the roller (essentially, make sure you roll the device from the middle to the outside of your face and down) encourages lymphatic drainage. Another aspect of proper usage means keeping the roller clean! Always wash the roller before and after you use it, and if rolling over compromised skin, be sure to clean the roller with alcohol before contact with skin. 

Some people prefer dermal rolling to traditional lymphatic massage with the hands and fingers. Again, this just leads to subtle and temporary slimming effects in your facial contours, because the lymphatic fluid builds up again. 

That said, jade rollers do not actually tighten the skin on a molecular level the way our skin tightening treatments do. 

Is face yoga effective for at-home skin tightening?

Face yoga is a method of exercising facial muscles, intended to increase the blood and oxygen supply to the skin and tone the muscles. Like jade rollers, face yoga lacks the scientific backing of the aesthetic procedures used in our medical spa. Some believe working the muscles gives the face a subtle lift, whereas others argue the added muscle movements in your daily routine only lead to the skin breaking down into fine lines more quickly.

SkinTyte skin tightening treatments for the face

The SkinTyte treatment in Toledo is here to turn back time and revive that youthful appearance you’ll love. SkinTyte infrared treatments harness the power of light wave technology to nourish and naturally tighten your skin.

SkinTyte treatments reverse the effects of natural aging by tightening and firming loose or sagging skin on the face and in key areas of the body. Whether due to weight loss, pregnancy, or aging, our unique skin tightening process in Toledo is perfect for you. SkinTyte is one of the safest, most optimized, most cost-effective ways to give patients younger-looking skin.

Consultation for a SkinTyte Treatment

Everyone’s skin is different. SkinTyte’s customization allows us to design a plan to fit your unique skin type, treatment area(s), and aesthetic goals. During an initial consultation for a SkinTyte treatment, your provider will assess your areas of concern and recommend the number of treatments needed to achieve your goals.

How does SkinTyte work?

SkinTyte utilizes advanced infrared light technology and patient-tailored filters to deeply heat dermal collagen and firm areas of loose or sagging skin. With no need for a topical anesthetic, SkinTyte delivers energy in rapid, gentle pulses to promote contraction, initiating the body’s natural healing process.

As an integral part of many patients’ long-term skin maintenance plan, the powerful results of SkinTyte can be used to improve the appearance of severe wrinkles and mild-to-moderate sagging; restore a youthful contour of the face or body; and even help delay or eliminate the need for surgical procedures.

We use SkinTyte to treat:

  • Facial wrinkles and fine lines
  • Body wrinkles
  • Belly skin laxity
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Loose, sagging skin

What to expect for a SkinTyte treatment in Perrysburg

This light-powered device treats most areas of the body in as little as 15 minutes with no local anesthetic needed. With a series of 3 to 5 treatments spaced out over a few months, patients enjoy incredible results that last up to a year. SkinTyte offers fast, safe and effective skin tightening treatments tailored to any skin type.

During a SkinTyte appointment, your provider will identify the exact area to be treated and pass the device over the skin for a series of passes. Each of these passes delivers a gentle heat into the treatment area to promote collagen production, while simultaneously maintaining optimal temperature on the skin’s surface to keep the treatment comfortable and downtime minimal.  The result is a new, stronger collagen layer that can last up to 12 months or more with continued maintenance.


Patients can expect mild redness and swelling similar to a sunburn sensation,and tightness of skin, for a few minutes following the procedure. However, most patients apply make-up and return to normal activities immediately following treatment.

We typically perform SkinTyte® as part of a series approximately 4 to 8 weeks long depending on depth and coverage area of the treatment, as well as the health and integrity of the skin being treated.

How long does it take to see results after SkinTyte treatments?

Results vary depending on the individual, area being treated, and settings used. However, most patients see peak results from their SkinTyte treatment starting 3 months after their treatment series.

How many SkinTyte treatments will I need?

You will see results from a single treatment; however, the number of treatments will depend on the severity of your skin laxity. A typical patient requires a series of 3 to 5 treatments.

Is SkinTyte safe on darker skin?

Absolutely. Your provider will tailor the parameters of the SkinTyte to you, including your skin type, concerns, and aesthetic goals.

How much does a SkinTyte treatment cost?

Each SkinTyte treatment is customized for your skin, and your lifestyle. Depending on your needs, your provider may recommend a single treatment or a series of treatments. In order to find out which is the best option for you, please visit a provider near you for a consultation.

RF microneedling for facial skin tightening 

An advanced version of microneedling, RF microneedling with Genius RF and Legend Pro adds the power of RF energy for effective skin tightening in Toledo. RF microneedling is FDA-cleared and scientifically proven as safe and effective. It produces both immediate and progressive results without the need for a lot of social downtime.

Microneedling is also called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) because it effectively stimulates the production of new collagen. 

Why is collagen important?

Aesthetic facilities like ours use a variety of technologies and techniques intended to stimulate production of new collagen. Collagen is responsible for many biological functions in mammals, but we love it because it provides the structural support for connective tissues, muscles, and skin. To put it simply? Collagen makes skin strong, supple, and youthful!

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