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5 Reasons to Try Semaglutide at a Weight Loss Clinic in Toledo

Losing weight isn’t always as simple as consuming fewer calories and moving your body (No matter what anyone says!). Oftentimes, there are life factors playing a great game of defense, fully blocking your ability to reach your goal weight. You never even agreed to play this game!

At Blush Aesthetics, we tackle weight loss medically with semaglutide, regardless of the factors getting in the way. Nothing stands a chance against a Glucose-like Peptide inhibitor that slows down your digestion process! 

Here are 5 reasons you might consider trying semaglutide at a weight loss clinic in Toledo. 

1. Your dosage is customized

Because we’re an independent practice that works with a compounding pharmacy, we’re able to customize your dosage based on your needs, rather than giving you a predetermined, one-size-fits-all dose. Your dosage will be created specifically for you and your goals! We also add in certain vitamins to boost energy levels, like vitamin B12. 

2. There are minimal to no side effects

Our treatment plans are tailored to each patient with dosages staying low, so very few patients have reported struggling with side effects! If you do experience any side effects, be sure to let us know so we can adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

3. Treatment is on your own time

One of the best perks of receiving semaglutide treatment through a weight loss clinic in Toledo is that your program can be completely online! You can conveniently attend your appointments with our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Michelle, via telehealth. No need for rushing around or taking off work.

4. Our support is continuous 

When you begin your treatment plan, we will meet at least once a month to ensure everything is going smoothly and address any questions you have. You’ll never have to navigate treatment alone; you’ll have Blush on your side, always

5. It’s less inexpensive through Blush 

You don’t have to rule out going through your primary care physician for semaglutide, but it’s an expensive medication ($2,600/month) not usually covered by insurance. 

Since our weight loss clinic in Toledo orders medications through a compounding pharmacy, there are fewer people involved and therefore the cost is lower (approximately $300/month). Plus, we customize the semaglutide to you—traditional pharmacies can’t! 

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