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Get Access to Acne Treatments at Our Skin Clinic in Toledo

Acne is a tough one to crack. At times, it feels like the list of possible causes are endless, making it nearly impossible to track down the right one and eliminate it. As much as you want to take care of things for yourself, sometimes getting rid of acne is entirely out of your own hands. Just think about all the products you’ve tried and all of the habits you’ve changed. When you’re ready to look to outside support for help, our premier skin clinic in Toledo is here for you! 

When you come to Blush Aesthetics for acne help, you can expect a personalized process in which we will get to the very root of your acne. To start things off, we’ll learn about you, what brought you in, the type of acne you’re struggling with, and anything you’ve tried in the past. From there, we’ll be your skin care detectives who get to the bottom of your problem skin ️

Here’s what that process looks like! 

Step 1: Consultation 

The consultation is where we’ll learn about you and you’ll learn about us! You’ll have the opportunity to share all of your concerns and struggles with us and ask us questions about our team, practice, or any of our treatments. 

Step 2: Skin Analysis

After we understand your concerns and goals for your skin, we will use the VISIA Skin Analysis technology to scan your skin for things like texture, pigmentation, pore size, sun damage, wrinkles, and bacteria. These issues going on under the skin may not be visible to our naked eye, but it’s visible through the VISIA technology. 

Not only is this technology something that helps us kick off acne treatment, it’s something that guides us throughout your entire treatment journey. It’s our little lantern guiding us through the woods of problem skin.

Step 3: Personalized Acne Treatment

This is the part when we truly get to work! For active acne, we typically start with extractions and DiamondGlow to clear out acne-causing bacteria and help calm active breakouts, getting the skin to a healthier place. Light, lasers, other facials, and medication may come after depending on your needs. We’ll also prioritize getting you started on at-home skincare regimen with medical-grade products. The point is: acne treatment (Toledo & Ottawa Hills location) will look different for everyone!


Based on your acne type and the severity, we’ll choose from our cleansing and exfoliating facials. The DiamondGlow is a great one, but we also offer dermaplaning and a variety of custom facials we can tailor to you. The main goal here is to clean the skin and clear out the gunk to get the acne under control. While we’re building your facial treatment plan and deciding on sessions needed, we’ll also be considering your options for laser and light. 

Lasers & Light

Oftentimes severe acne can’t just leave without a trace—it has to leave behind scars, redness, and hyperpigmentation to be remembered by Luckily, our toolkit of lasers and light can fade scarring and redness to bring to light brand new skin. 

Our main acne-reducing laser technology is the Forever Clear BBL. This is typically an 8-session multistep treatment in which we reorganize and heal sebaceous glands, reduce inflammation, and combat bacteria. 

If we’re dealing with acne scarring, we will personalize a laser and light recipe for minimizing your scars. The lasers and radio frequencies we use will depend on your skin and severity of scars. Once we have your skin under control, we’ll begin curating your medical-grade skincare product regimen. 

Medical-Grade Skincare Products

We think of taking care of your skin as similar to going to the dentist. At the dentist, you get your special cleanings; at home, you’re responsible for brushing your teeth and flossing. When you come to your skin clinic in Toledo, you’re getting special cleanings and advanced treatments too. So, taking care of your skin with high-quality skincare products at home is the best way to keep acne at bay. 

To make the at-home process even easier, we offer product bundle kits that include vital products to reduce acne: a gentle cleanser, oil-free moisturizer, and medical-grade retinol. Our retinol is time-released and nano-encapsulated for the highest-quality treatment with the fewest side effects, like redness and irritation. Additional products for purchase include a spot treatment stick, skin clearing pads, and specialty prescription topicals.

Step 4: Ongoing Care 

Acne treatment plans at Blush are flexible and have the ability to change depending on what your skin is telling us. Maybe we had originally scheduled 8 sessions of Forever Clear BBL, but after 5 your skin is looking fantastic. Or, maybe one day you come in for a laser appointment and your skin is dehydrated and in need of moisture. Instead of laser, we might opt for a nourishing facial. 

The point is, as a premier skin clinic in Toledo, we will always listen to your skin rather than follow a plan exactly—the plan can always pivot and change with your progress. You’ll have the team at Blush on your side the whole time

Also, just because we’re helping treat your acne doesn’t mean we will completely rule out acne medication and medical dermatology. If you have a significant amount of acne on your face, we may recommend that you have an evaluation with a dermatologist. 


Tips for Preventing Acne

Preventing acne can be tricky, as it often has a genetic component to it. Nonetheless, we want to provide a few tips that we have seen made a difference in our patients. 

  1. Cleanse After Sweating

If you’ve been sweating outside or you just got home from the gym, wash your face immediately—before making yourself a meal! The sweat and oils on your face can clog your pores and lead to more acne. The quicker you cleanse your face, the less time they will have to really soak in there. If you’re wearing makeup and sweating, do a double cleanse!

  1. Consume Healthy Foods & Limit Sugar

Have you ever eaten a lot of sugar or fatty foods and noticed your skin worsen the very next day? To our skin experts here at Blush, this is no mystery: Foods high on the glycemic index can lead to more breakouts. The glycemic index is a number assigned to indicate how quickly (and how much) foods increase blood sugar levels. 

This jump in blood sugar and insulin leads to an overproduction of oil in the skin, which in turn clogs your pores and causes breakouts. When you’re getting your acne under control, it’s always best to stick to the lower end of the glycemic index.   

Glycemic Index Chart for Common Foods 

  1. Consider Preventative Facials

In a majority of cases, acne shows up because your pores are clogged. Dead skin cells, dirt, oil, makeup, and sebum (the oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands) are all to blame for this blockage. Exfoliation is the tried-and-true way to clear all of this out so your pores can breathe again—and so your skin can give you a break.  

Our laser facials (e.g. Moxi), RF microneedling, peels, dermaplaning, and custom facials are all great options for exfoliating the skin and clearing out all the acne-causing gunk and bacteria. When our skin experts learn about your goals and examine your skin, we can better gauge what facials your skin needs. 

What To Look For in a Skin Clinic in Toledo

Before you choose your forever skin clinic, we want to make sure you get the kind of treatment you deserve. The following are 3 things a skin clinic should have. To us, these are nonnegotiables!

✅ Personalized Treatment Plans

Let’s be real here—no one wants to be treated like just another patient or just another customer. One-size-fits-all treatment plans fit no one. Your chosen skin clinic in Toledo should boast personalized treatment plans and detail how this process works. How do they decide which treatments are best for your skin? What happens if something isn’t working for you? Ask for the details! 

✅ Good Listeners 

We all want to be listened to—not talked at. There’s a vibe you feel when your care provider is genuinely listening to you and making you feel heard and understood. Having good listeners on your side is the only way you can meet your skin needs. If your skin care providers aren’t hearing you, you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly. 

✅ Ongoing Support

Another important thing to look for is ongoing, continuous support from your skin care provider. If you receive a treatment and they send you on your merry way forever, find a new provider! The best skin clinic in Toledo will have providers that are there with you on your treatment journey to check in with you and alter your plan as needed. 

Other Treatable Concerns

We love helping patients overcome acne, but it isn’t the only concern we help patients overcome at Blush. Our aesthetic treatment toolkit of lasers, facials, peels, and skincare products treat tons of other skin concerns too! 

  • Uneven texture and tone
  • Dryness
  • Oiliness
  • Dull skin
  • Sun damage
  • Freckles
  • Age spots
  • Scarring
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Sagging skin
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Melasma 
  • Enlarged pores

Our skin experts can treat acne, scarring, and other skin concerns simultaneously with combination treatments. We can talk about your options for combo treatments during a consultation

Schedule a Consultation for Acne Treatment 

It is possible to get rid of acne and keep it under control—even if that seems impossible right now. Schedule a consultation at our skin clinic in Toledo to talk about your goals with one of our providers. Our detective work starts now

As always, feel free to ask us any questions.

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