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What to Expect For Your Appointment at Blush Aesthetics

At Blush Aesthetics, we’re all about graceful aging, natural results, and healthy living. We are Toledo’s premier cosmetic dermatology practice, serving all of northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan. Our effective, non-surgical aesthetic procedures and loving, one-on-one care brings patients from across the globe to our med spa! 

So what can you expect if you’re new to Blush? Let’s dive right in. 

The consultation process

When you come to Blush for a complimentary skin consultation, you don’t have to worry about us pushing treatments that you don’t need. Our goal is to educate you and present the most effective treatments for your concerns. You can come to us for advice on skin treatments, products, or just because you have a concern and aren’t sure what your options are! 

The first step of our consultation is a thorough analysis of your skin using our advanced imaging system, VISIA®. Make sure you’re wearing no makeup at all for your appointment so we can see your skin! It’s fine to wear a non-SPF moisturizer but nothing else, not even mascara! During your consultation we will also discuss your health history and current skin care routine.

 Armed with information about your skin, routine, and history, we work with you to customize a care plan. We do our best to give you care plan options with various price points, then you have the freedom to choose where you’re comfortable starting! 

Note: We will require a credit card on file for a complimentary consultation in the event of a no call/no show. This will result in a $60 charge.

Skin analysis with VISIA®

Our med spa has the BEST STUFF when it comes to diagnosing and treating your skin concerns. Using the latest generation of VISIA® Skin Analysis System, we capture high quality, standardized facial images. 

With IntelliFlash®, cross-polarized, and UV lighting we can record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions. UV photography is the premier way of providing a thorough sun damage assessment and analysis. The VISIA® also uses RBX® Technology to separate unique color signatures of Red and Brown skin components for unparalleled visualization of conditions such as hyperpigmentation or inflammation. The advanced visual assessment and quantitative analysis we get through using VISIA® allows us to offer you the very best treatments for your needs.

What to do if you’re using HSA/FSAs

Health spending accounts (HSA) and flexible spending accounts (FSA) are like personal savings accounts, except the funds can only go toward qualifying medical expenses. If you have an HSA or FSA that you would like to use for your treatment, you will need to contact your company to ensure the procedures or treatments are approved. If they are, you will need to bring the necessary paperwork with you to your appointment.

Some of the common treatments approved by HSAs and FSAs include:

  • Hair reduction for psychiatric disorders
  • Laser removal of active keratosis
  • Botox / microneedling for hyperhidrosis
  • Prescription products (retinols, preventative skin cancer treatments like sunscreens, etc.)

Some plans allow for HSA/FSA to pay for any/all treatment, so if you’re not sure you should always reach out to your company and find out for certain! We can also use PayPal credit or CareCredit for financing your treatment, just make sure you fill out any applications before your appointment. There is no guarantee on what types of treatments your HSA/FSA will or will not cover, so we can’t stress enough how important it is for you to contact your company!

It’s time for your med spa appointment!

Once we’ve worked with you to customize your treatment plan, we’ll schedule your appointment! When you arrive for your treatment, make sure you have any of the paperwork you’ll need from your HSA/FSA or anything else we may have gone over during the consultation. 

If you’re seeing us for a treatment on your face, you’ll need to be completely bare faced except for a light, non-SPF moisturizer. You’ll also want to make sure to bring your list of your current skincare products. For those who are on the go, we provide complimentary makeup for any touch ups if you want it on your way out! 

The length of your appointment and other specifics will of course depend on what particular treatment or treatments you’re getting. Many patients are able to fit an appointment into their lunch hour! You can trust our aesthetic experts will go over every single detail with you so you can understand exactly what to expect from your time here. 

From there it’s all you, babe! A fresh, rejuvenated, more confident you! 

 Do you tip an esthetician at a med spa?

Okay we get it, talking about tipping is awkward. We understand that sweat-inducing situation of frantically Googling whether or not to tip in a situation or what percentage is considered a good tip on a service. And what if you find conflicting information?! Considering a med spa is blending two worlds—one where tipping is customary and one where it’s totally unheard of—being a little confused is totes natural. 

Well, let’s just bypass all that awkwardness right now. Let’s talk about tipping! At Blush Aesthetics, we do allow you to tip your aestheticians but NOT our medical staff. So like, you wouldn’t tip your gynecologist, right? If you’re getting a medical procedure done with us, please do not to tip!

If you’re coming to us for waxing, facials, or any other beauty service administered by an aesthetician, feel free to tip. We’ve all looked in the mirror after a great hair appointment and thought, “Oh yeah, my stylist is getting a major tip for this fierceness.” If you feel that way after your DiamondGlow facial, don’t be afraid to show it

You absolutely positively do not need to feel obligated to tip in any scenario at a med spa, including Blush. If you’re unsure whether the treatment you’re having done is something you should tip for or not, just ask! We can let you know without making you feel pressured one way or another. 

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