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Weight Loss
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Ongoing with a Healthy Lifestyle

Weight Loss Injections in Toledo

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More About Semaglutide

What is it?
Semaglutide is popularly prescribed in injection form. This is an under-the-skin injectable you self-administer once per week.
Does it work?
Use of semaglutide in conjunction with healthy diet and lifestyle choices helps patients lose at least 5% of their body fat within 12 weeks of starting their weight loss treatment.

Take the wheel in your weight loss journey

Losing weight is not easy, and there are SO many things that make it even harder—from our daily lives and family histories that contribute to weight gain and our body’s ability to shed that weight. That’s why it’s important for overweight adults to understand how their habits, lifestyle, and genetics contribute to their weight. Are you tired of struggling alone and ready to find the support you need with weight loss injections in Toledo?

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What happens after weight loss injections?

With successful weight loss injections, you should notice it becomes much easier to lose weight.

Semaglutide mimics a hormone responsible for communicating to the brain when you’re full. It increases the efficiency of these systems in your body, meaning your brain understands you’re full more quickly and continues to feel full for longer.

Another impact of semaglutide is a slow-down of your body’s digestive process. When food stays in your stomach longer, it stops you from feeling hungry as often or as intensely!

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How it Works

01. Consultation
Beginning with a health history, current lifestyle, eating, and health habits, we work with you to learn all about your top concerns.
02. Determine Treatment
Equipped with the info gathered during your consultation, we decide what course of action we can take to best support your goals. If we decide weight loss injections are right for you, we can get started!
03. Treatment
The medical weight loss program with Blush Aesthetics is a 6 to 9 month program designed to give you that much-needed boost in the beginning of your weight loss experience. Your provider will monitor your results and you will have a new prescription sent in every 3 weeks to ensure you get the right amount of medication.
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04. After Care
We will continually check in with you throughout your weight loss journey to monitor results and adjust dosage as needed. Remembering to drink an appropriate amount of water daily!

Why visit Blush for weight loss injections in Toledo?

Whole-Person Care
Because mental health is such an enormous contributor to weight gain, Blush’s medical weight loss program involves collaboration of both physical and mental health components. 
Science-Based Treatment
We believe in a scientific approach to weight loss that cuts out the questions and gets results.
Compassionate Care
Our top priority is ensuring you get the highest quality weight loss support from providers who truly care.

Frequently Asked Questions About Semaglutide Weight Loss Injections

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