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Personalized Plans for Acne Treatment | Ottawa Hills

If you’re punching “acne treatment Ottawa Hills” into Google, you’ve probably had enough. We might even go as far to say that you’ve tried every skincare product on the market. Before you get down on yourself, know that sometimes it is out of your hands. Sometimes it takes professional help to make ground—and that’s okay! Congrats on taking that next step. 

When you come to Blush Aesthetics for help, you can expect a very personalized process in which we will get to the very root of your acne. To start things off, we’ll get to know you and your acne struggles. From there, we’ll be your skin care detectives who get to the bottom of your problem skin ️

Step 1: Consultation 

The first step toward your personalized acne treatment plan is a consultation. We’ll learn about you, your journey with acne, and what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past. The more detail you provide, the better we can understand your skin’s needs. We’re here to answer all of your questions, whether they’re about treatments, our team, or our practice

Step 2: Skin Analysis

Once we’ve discussed your skin and concerns in detail, we’ll turn to our state-of-the-art technology: VISIA Skin Analysis. This device scans your skin to examine texture, pigmentation, pore size, sun damage, wrinkles, and bacteria. It detects issues under the surface that we can’t necessarily see just by looking at your skin. Not only does VISIA guide us at the beginning, it guides us through your whole acne treatment process! We’ll use it to check on your progress throughout your treatment plan to make sure we’re on the right track. 

Step 3: Your Personalized Acne Treatment: Ottawa Hills Location

Our skin experts will put together your VISIA results and everything we discussed during the consultation to build your personalized acne treatment plan. If your acne is vengeful and actively popping up during this time, we will likely start with extractions and DiamondGlow. These treatments help clear out acne-causing bacteria, calm active breakouts, and provide you with the best results and progress. 

Our other priority at this time is building you an at-home skincare regimen with medical-grade products. You can use this regimen in conjunction with any light, lasers, and medication that we  suggest; it will all depend on what your skin is telling us!

Schedule a Consultation for Acne Treatment | Ottawa Hills

We can promise you one thing: clear skin is on the horizon! Schedule a consultation at our skin clinic in Toledo to talk about how we can get you there.