Treatment type:
Sessions needed:
1-3 days
Results duration:
1 year

PDO Threads in Toledo

Build Better Collagen

What are PDO threads for?

Under the Eye
PDO threads can be helpful for improving the look of under eye bags.
Nasolabial Folds & Frown Lines
By precisely building collagen, PDO threads can improve the appearance of wrinkles and facial folds.

Turn back time without major surgery

Are you interested in some serious skin tightening action, but not ready to go under the knife for a surgical facelift? PDO threads help to tighten and firm your face without cuts, incisions, or injections, leaving behind a younger-looking appearance. If you’re considering a treatments with PDO threads in Toledo, Blush Aesthetics is here to help! We’ve got the expertise to make sure you get the most out of your PDO threads.

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What happens after getting PDO thread?

PDO threads are amazing because they deliver big results without big downtime. After treatment, you’ll probably feel a little tugging or soreness in the treatment area, but that should go away in a week or so. But it’s nothing that should stop you from going back to most normal activities, immediately. As with most injectables, you’ll likely have some bruising and swelling.

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How it Works

01. Consultation
A consultation is super important for getting to know you and your goals! We start with a health history, skin analysis, and discussion of your current skincare regimen.
02. Determine Treatment
From all of this information, we will determine if you are a candidate for PDO threads and recommend a treatment plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be. 
03. Treatment
Once you're ready, your provider uses fine needles to anchor and insert PDO threads into different layers of the skin, carefully directing them to target areas that need additional help with restoring lost collagen. We typically use anywhere from 1 to 10 threads per treatment area. 
04. After Care
Do not touch the thread entry point for at least 48 hours. When using cool compresses, avoid letting them come into contact with the entry points. We will ensure you have a thorough list of your after-care instructions before you leave!

Why try Blush for PDO threads in Toledo?

Expert Injectors
Blush stands firm when it comes to hiring Toledo injectors of only the highest level of skill and strive to continue learning and improving.
Immediate & Incredible Results
PDO threads provide amazing, facelift-like results that tighten and smooth your skin, reducing the look of wrinkles and folds.
Minimally Invasive
Skip the downtime associated with surgical facelifts and achieve real, long-term results with no cutting or sedation necessary. 

Frequently Asked Questions About PDO Threads

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