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Reveal a brighter, youthful glow.

Flawless, Fresh.

Looking for a new level of freshness? Dermaplaning removes dead skin and small hairs, rejuvenating your face with healthy skin cells and a brighter, youthful glow.



What Dermaplaning Treats

Dermaplaning addresses the hard-to-treat culprits taking a toll on your skin, including:

Dead Skin

Remove microscopic dead skin cells and reduce pore clogs.

Micro Hairs

Rid your entire face of small hairs.

Trapped Oil/Dirt

Exfoliate your skin and release trapped oil, dirt, and makeup.

How Dermaplaning Works

When it comes to dermaplaning in Toledo, Blush Aesthetics is the go-to for anyone looking for fresher skin. Here’s how our treatments work:



Before your treatment, you’ll meet with a dermaplaning specialist to discuss your goals and learn more about how a dermablading treatments can help.



During your treatment, relax while your dermaplaning specialist gives your skin a deep exfoliation. Your treatment should be painless and last less than an hour.



After your treatments are complete, we like to follow-up to ensure your treatment worked and learn about additional ways we can help you look and feel your best.

Why Try Dermaplaning in Toledo?

Deep Exfoliation

Remove deep layers of pore-clogging dead skin, makeup, dirt, and oil.

Microscopic Hair Removal

Remove all unwanted hair—including micro hairs (peach fuzz)—from your face. That includes hair in places that count most like your upper lip, cheek, and jaw.

Easier Makeup Application

Make it easier to apply makeup by creating a smooth, exfoliated face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does dermaplaning hurt?
No! Your dermaplaning specialist will ensure there is no pain or discomfort during your procedure.
How long does dermaplaning take?
This procedure normally takes less than an hour. 
Is there any recovery time?
No! After your dermaplaning procedure at our Toledo med spa, you can return to your normal routine.
What does dermaplaning feel like?
During your treatment, you'll feel a slight scratching sensation. You should not feel discomfort.

Am I a candidate?

Use our free Virtual Consultation tool to determine whether Dermablading is your ideal treatment.


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