Med Spa Treatment in Toledo

Plastic Surgery vs Med Spa Treatment

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The types of procedures and treatments performed at Blush Aesthetics in Toledo and Ottawa Hills are very different from plastic surgery, though there are many overlapping goals for people who seek either type of treatment. If you want to learn more about plastic surgery vs. med spa treatment, keep reading!

What are med spa treatments?

Med spa treatments are generally minimally invasive or non invasive. While there are many med spa treatments that achieve something unique, many others are considered less dramatic alternatives to plastic surgery. We can get comparable results with continued treatment—without the downtime and stress of a major surgery. 

Why choose a med spa over a plastic surgeon?

Plastic surgery may get you an 80% improvement in your concern area, which is not something often achievable via med spa treatments. No good aesthetician will try to sell you a different story or keep you from getting a second opinion. People choose med spa treatments over plastic surgery for a variety of great reasons, including: 

  • It fits into their busy schedule, which can’t be interrupted by the need for recovery 
  • They’re not looking for extreme results
  • They’re younger and want to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • They’re at risk and cannot undergo surgery
  • Surgery is too large of an investment

Knowledge is power

Every person who comes through our doors will be given a thorough explanation of what they can expect from a treatment series from Blush and how that could compare to plastic surgery results. It’s important for our prospective patients to know every option available to them, even when those options are procedures  we don’t perform.

Being armed with that information allows folks to decide for themselves. Plastic surgery comes with dramatic results, but it also comes with bigger risks, costs, and downtime. It’s simply not an option to everyone. We work hard to make sure our treatments are viable options to a broad variety of people.

Learn more from Toledo’s med spa specialists!

We aren’t the premier providers of medical spa treatments in Toledo and Ottawa Hills for nothing! Find out why so many are choosing to forego the hassle of plastic surgery for the convenience and results of a med spa! Get started with our virtual consultation tool or give us a call at 419.520.7546 to speak to an expert.