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Look and Feel Your Best with Med Spa Services from Blush Aesthetics!

When it comes to finding the best med spa services in Toledo and Ottawa Hills, look no further than Blush Aesthetics! Our family-owned clinic is dedicated to providing a wonderful experience while achieving incredible results. From injectables to laser resurfacing and non-medicinal light therapies, we’ve got a variety of med spa services to keep you looking smooth, revitalized, and feeling amazing. 

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In addition to highlighting our amazing med spa services offered at our Toledo and Ottawa Hills locations, we wanted to use this opportunity to talk a little more in depth about the care you can expect from Blush.

What services are offered at a med spa?

If you’ve ever wondered “what is a med spa?” you’ve probably also wondered what services are offered at them. Med spas like Blush Aesthetics offer a huge variety of treatments in a comfortable, relaxing environment. As a med spa that specializes in advanced dermatology care, we’re also able to provide northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan with the best skin treatments available!

We perform BBL Photofacials, DiamondGlow, laser hair removal, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, PDO thread lifts, fat pocket reduction, and so much more

When needed, we collaborate with other businesses and providers in the area. We collaborate for reasons like corrective treatments or when a patient may want a mixture of med spa treatments and surgical procedures. 

The med spa environment

Our Toledo and Ottawa Hills med spa locations embody the environment of a high end, peaceful day spa with style and modern touches. We’re all about being welcoming and inviting to anyone who comes through our doors! Sometimes people get the impression med spas can feel kind of stuffy, but that’s not our thing. 

Top med spa treatments

The most popular med spa treatments across the globe are offered right here at Blush Aesthetics. That’s why we attract clients from all over the world! Here are just some of the services we find to be super popular in Toledo and Ottawa Hills:

Whereas plastic surgery and med spa treatments were once kept pretty “hush hush,” these days more and more men and women are proud to take these steps to care for themselves and feel good about what they see!

There were nearly 8 million Botox® procedures performed in 2018 and that number increases every single year. Fillers and chemical peels are seeing increases, too! Med spa treatments aren’t niche anymore, they’re a common tool folks all over the place use to improve the quality of their lives. 

Getting a second opinion on med spa treatments

A good care provider is never going to be upset with a patient seeking second opinions! Different providers offer different perspectives and experiences, which leads to differences of opinion on how to best treat something. Generally, getting a second opinion on med spa treatments should be encouraged, especially if you feel unsure about what is being suggested.

For example, you could go into one practitioner because you’re interested in Kybella for submental fat reduction. For whatever reason, they may think your fat deposit is too small for Kybella and instead suggest you get dermal fillers in your jaw to give more definition. Maybe they’ve had experiences with patients that make dermal fillers seem like a better option, but if a suggestion isn’t something you’ve already planned for and researched on your own, get a second opinion! 

We’re always happy to provide a second opinion to patients and provide our initial consultation without charge. Because we work closely with Dr. Kesler, our plastic surgeon, we can also provide surgical options as well. We are happy to guide you in the direction that is best for you, your goals and your budget.

Using FACTS to determine treatments

One of the things Blush does to avoid human error in diagnosing issues is implement the VISIA® Skin Analysis System in Perrysburg. If you are an Ottawa Hills patient and would like to have one done, feel free to text us and we will schedule a convenient time for you in Perrysburg to drop in! With IntelliFlash®, cross-polarized, and UV lighting, we can record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions. 

UV photography is the premier way of providing a thorough sun damage assessment and analysis. The VISIA® also uses RBX® Technology to separate unique color signatures of red and brown skin components for unparalleled visualization of conditions such as hyperpigmentation, melasma, rosacea, acne, or inflammation. 

The advanced visual assessment and quantitative analysis we get through using VISIA® allows us to offer you the very best treatments for your needs. Nothing allows us to see the depth of skin issues the way this skin analysis system does! 

At Blush, the priority is YOU

It’s one thing to go over the treatments our Toledo and Ottawa Hills med spas offer, but the care we offer is something else entirely. So what does that mean?

To us, caring about our patients goes far beyond having a pleasant “bedside manner” while providing treatment. Caring for our patients means being honest, educating them, and taking their priorities into account. Everyone gets a unique experience when they come to us.

Honesty about expectations for med spa services in Toledo

The types of procedures and treatments performed at our med spas are non to minimally invasive. Med spa treatments are generally considered to be alternatives to more drastic and invasive plastic surgery procedures. 

So, yeah, surgery may get you an 80% improvement in your concern area, and that’s not something often achievable via med spa treatments. The flip side of that coin is when you choose something like a PDO thread facelift versus a traditional facelift, you get results without having to have cuts made in your skin, without general anesthesia AND without having to make a permanent change to your face.

Alternatives to plastic surgery

We give every person who comes through our doors a thorough explanation of what they can expect from a treatment series from Blush and how that could compare to plastic surgery results. It’s important for our prospective patients to know every option available to them, even when those options are procedures we don’t perform at Blush. We collaborate and work very closely with double board certified plastic surgeon, C. Jeff Kesler, who has over 28 years of experience. We can start the conversation about your options and then are happy to send you over for a complimentary consultation to discuss what is best for your condition, goals and budget.

Being armed with that information allows folks to decide for themselves. Plastic surgery comes with dramatic results, but it also comes with bigger risks, costs, and downtime. It’s simply not an option to everyone. 

Sometimes, our offerings aren’t right, either! Call it bad business, but we believe in being honest over trying to sell something we know won’t work. We’ve had to talk people out of treatments they were dead set on because it wouldn’t be worth it in the end. 

Our goal is getting you the results you want, and if we can’t, we’ll tell you. It’s really that simple.

Educating our patients

Just because med spa services in Toledo aren’t the same as surgery, it doesn’t mean you should go into it without planning and education! In addition to making sure you are completely aware of each  option available to address your concerns, we will make sure you understand the levels of effectiveness of each treatment, the experience you might have during a treatment, aftercare and downtime you should consider, and so much more.

Knowledge is power, and empowerment is kind of our thing here at Blush Aesthetics! We are ALL ABOUT being transparent regarding our treatments. Part of our dedication to education is reflected in our hour-long consultations. You’ll want to take notes! We have a thorough educational process that uses both subjective and objective information that we can take from your VISIA® scans.

Starting your relationship with Blush

When you choose Blush Aesthetics and medical spa treatments for your needs, we want you to understand this isn’t some one-night stand! No “laser resurface it and quit it” at our Toledo and Ottawa Hills med spas

Most treatments we offer are going to work best when there is a follow-up, whether it’s a series of the same treatment spaced out over time or a combination of treatments designed to give you the results you’re after. We consider our relationship with patients to be a long-term commitment. 

Why do you need multiple treatments?

Even plastic surgery isn’t really a one-time permanent solution to whatever concern it is addressing. Time, and its effects on the skin and body, ain’t gonna stop for anyone or anything (yet ). Med spa treatments are no different—even when you get amazing results with your first treatment, you’re going to need maintenance.

Think of it like getting a brand new car. If you take it off-roading, never rotate the tires, and never change the oil, that brand new car won’t last long 

The good news is, maintaining your medical spa treatment results is easy with Blush! Thanks to our convenient hours, dual locations, and comfortable atmosphere, you’ll be looking forward to your regular appointments as some good “me time.” Not to mention how much you’ll enjoy having rejuvenated, youthful skin; luscious “I woke up like this” lips and lashes; or whatever else our services can help with! 

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