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The Most Advanced Plasma Treatment

SubnoviI Plasma Pen in Toledo


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The Ultimate Plasma Pen.

Experience your best skin.

Not all plasma is the same. Subnovii’s highly controlled, low frequency emission means treatments are more precise and predictable and healing time is reduced for the patient.



What Subnovii Plasma Pen Treats

Subnovii is an effective anti-aging treatment for the following areas:

  • Around the eyes (both upper and lower)
  • Peri-oral (around the mouth)
  • Forehead
  • Jawline
  • Décolleté
  • Neck

How ForeverClear Acne Treatment Works

No one has a better or more comfortable process than Blush Aesthetics. Here’s how our treatment process works:



Before your treatment, you’ll meet with a Subnovii Plasma Pen specialist who will help you understand the treatment and discuss your goals. Your specialist may also do a quick examination of your skin to ensure your treatment is tailored to your needs.



During your treatment, you’ll relax in our comfort-focused treatment room while your Subnovii specialist applies your therapy.



We like to follow-up after your Subnovii Plasma Pen treatment in Toledo to ensure the best results and learn about other ways we can help you look and feel your best.

Why Try Subnovii Plasma Pen in Toledo?

Noninvasive Skin Resurfacing

Subnovii gently but effectively resurfaces your skin for a fresh, renewed surface.

Ongoing Skin Improvement

After Subnovii, you’ll see immediate improvements that keep getting better.

Effective Skin Tightening

Thanks to its fibroblasting power, Subnovii tightens your skin for a more youthful and comfortable appearance.

Frequently asked questions

Does Subnovii Plasma Pen hurt?
No! Some patients report slight heat during treatment, but this is a minimally painful procedure. 
What is plasma and how does Subnovii use it?
The plasma utilized by the Subnovii Plasma Pen exists along the outside surface of your skin. It's a gas-like material that conducts electricity. Subnovii does not apply plasma to your skin, but it's advanced technology creates a "plasma spark" between the tip of the device and the surface of your skin.
Should I avoid anything after my treatment?
We always recommend patients avoid sunlight after their treatments, but you will receive your own customized after-treatment plan from your Subnovii specialist.

Am I a candidate?

Use our free Virtual Consultation tool to determine whether Subnovii Plasma Pen is your ideal treatment.


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