Toledo Med Spa Treatments

Getting a Second Opinion on Med Spa Treatments

At Blush Aesthetics in Toledo and Ottawa Hills, we understand sometimes different aestheticians and practitioners will have differing viewpoints on what a patient needs. A good care provider will never be upset with a patient seeking med spa treatment second opinions! 

Generally, getting a second opinion on med spa treatments should be encouraged, especially if you feel unsure about what is being suggested.

Making the best suggestions

One thing Blush does to avoid human error in diagnosing issues is implement the VISIA® Skin Analysis System. With IntelliFlash®, cross-polarized, and UV lighting, we can record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions. 

UV photography is the premier way of providing a thorough sun damage assessment and analysis. The VISIA® also uses RBX® Technology to separate unique color signatures of red and brown skin components for unparalleled visualization of conditions such as hyperpigmentation or inflammation. 

The advanced visual assessment and quantitative analysis we get through using VISIA® allows us to offer you the very best treatments for your needs based on science.

Choosing the right treatments

At Blush, we offer a HUGE variety of treatments using the latest technologies and techniques available. This gives us the ability to be truly objective when determining the best treatments. As the old saying goes: when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. We’ve got a lot more than a hammer at our disposal! 

We also make sure to educate our patients when it comes to expectations for plastic surgery vs. med spa treatment.

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We aren’t the premier providers of medical spa treatments in Toledo and Ottawa Hills for nothing! Get med spa treatment second opinions and find out why we attract patients from all over the globe by getting started with our virtual consultation tool or give us a call at 419.520.7546 to speak to an expert.