Halo vs BBL

Halo vs BBL: Which is Right For You?

The holiday season means family, friends, great food, and taking stock of everything you have to be thankful for. It also means a busy social calendar that will have most of us glancing in the mirror thinking holy smokes this year has done a number on my skin! If you want a quick fix that’s comfortable with little to no downtime, we recommend a Halo laser treatment or BBL photofacial

We LOVE both of these treatments and the fact that they address unique skin concerns while improving overall skin health and appearance. Patients still often ask us to tell them about “Halo vs BBL” but there’s no competition in our eyes!


How does BBL work?

Broadband light (BBL) therapy deposits pulses of light energy to heat the upper layers of skin. Targets within the skin are destroyed by the light energy. These targets include fine, broken vessels that cause redness, pigmentation, and the bacteria that causes acne. 

While the light energy corrects uneven pigmentation on your skin, it also works at the RNA level to boost your natural collagen production. RNA, or ribonucleic acid, is a vital component of all living cells. It carries instructions from DNA that control the synthesis of proteins (like collagen). 


Halo laser treatments vs BBL photofacials

BBL is a light therapy, not a laser facial. As such, it does not break the skin’s surface. For folks concerned about physical scarring, pore size, texture, significant sun damage, dullness, or melasma—Halo is best. For those who are happy with their skin texture, but aren’t so happy with excessive redness, browns, blood vessels, or widespread inflammatory acne–—BBL is best. 

Need to address both? We can create a treatment plan that perfectly blends the two treatments for amazing results.


BBL and Halo: Reversing sun damage and restoring youth

Whether you choose Halo laser treatment in Toledo, BBL, or both, you can look forward to a gorgeous reversal of sun damage. The aesthetic pros at Blush are here to analyse your skin and help you determine the best course of action for fighting photoaging as a result of sun damage. 


Get your Halo on at Blush Aesthetics!

We don’t attract patients from all around the globe for nothing! Blush Aesthetics is the premier dermatology med spa for all northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan because we provide the best treatments and service. Our aestheticians are thrilled to offer Halo laser treatments in Toledo as well as BBL photofacials and a variety of other incredible skincare treatments! Use our virtual consultation tool now to see if these treatments could help you, or give us a call or text at 419.520.7546 to speak to an expert!


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