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The Acne Treatment Process | Perrysburg

Stubborn acne is the ultimate mood-killer. Those days or moments you have a reprieve from acne make you feel on top of the world, but it never seems to last. After the months and years of the back-and-forth, you finally decide to open up your browser and type in something you should have typed in long ago: “acne treatment Perrysburg.”   

To your delight, you realize that you have so many more options than you initially thought: facials, light, lasers, and promising skincare products that actually do what they’re supposed to. And the best part is, if you come to Blush Aesthetics, you aren’t alone in this process; our skin experts will be there with you on your journey every step of the way! 

Step 1: Consultation 

Our first step of the skin journey at Blush is a consultation. We will get to know you, your personal battle with acne, and all of the things you’ve tried that have or haven’t worked. All of this information helps our team understand your skin’s unique needs so we can curate the best possible treatment plan. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have!

Step 2: Skin Analysis

Another piece that helps us understand your skin is the VISIA Skin Analysis. This technology scans your skin to examine texture, pigmentation, pore size, sun damage, wrinkles, and bacteria. VISIA can see everything that’s going on under the surface that we can’t see just by looking at your skin. This guides us at the beginning of your journey as well as throughout your entire treatment. What’s so cool about VISIA is it allows us to check your progress throughout your treatment plan and make the changes we see fit!

Step 3: Your Personalized Acne Treatment: Perrysburg Location

As a professional skin clinic in Toledo, we will take all the information we gathered about your skin and curate your personalized acne treatment plan. If your acne is currently angry with us all, we’ll start with extractions and DiamondGlow to calm your skin and get rid of acne-causing bacteria. Our team will also be working on an at-home skincare regimen with medical-grade products to use in conjunction with our advanced treatments.

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