What type of laser is BBL?

What type of laser facial is BBL?

When it comes to what type of laser is BBL, the answer is pretty simple. It’s not any type of laser! Because of the way the treatment process looks, it’s understandable why a lot of people assume BBL is a laser, but broadband light photofacials are very different from laser facials. 

It may not be a laser, but broadband light therapy is a trusted solution for helping people enjoy healthier, clearer skin. There is no downtime from your BBL treatment and it’s a fast, noninvasive procedure. 

How is BBL different from laser therapy?

Lasers use one specific wavelength of light to deeply penetrate into the layers of the skin to a fixed depth. BBL can be customized to penetrate a variety of depths within your skin’s layers.

The fixed depth lasers penetrate is typically much deeper, however, than broadband light reaches. That makes most laser facials more aggressive than BBL photofacials. While a more aggressive approach can lead to significant results more quickly, it also means more downtime and discomfort. Photofacials do not require downtime! 

Call on a HERO

For those who want more intense results without the downtime of a laser facial there’s BBL HERO. This is the MOST powerful and versatile broadband light device on the market! HERO stands for High Energy Rapid Output. You get incredibly fast treatment time with better results. We treat the face and large areas of the back, arms, and legs in just a few minutes! 

Get a BBL photofacial in Toledo and Ottawa Hills

We don’t attract patients from around the globe for nothing! Blush Aesthetics is the premier dermatology med spa for all northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan because we provide the best treatments and service. Our aestheticians are thrilled to offer the incredible BBL HERO photofacial near you! Oh and, just because the answer to “what type of laser is BBL” is “no type of laser,” doesn’t mean we don’t have other great laser facial options! Use our virtual consultation tool now to see if this treatment could help you, or give us a call at 419.520.7546 to speak to an expert!

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