Halo Laser in Toledo

Why Winter Could Be the Best Time to Try Halo Laser in Toledo

There’s something magical about the holiday season, isn’t there? Lights sparkle everywhere, yummy food abounds, and it’s the perfect time of the year to schedule your treatment with the Halo laser in Toledo!

We brought the groundbreaking Halo laser technology to our patients before any other med spa in the area. Not only do we perform more treatments with the Halo laser than anyone in Toledo and throughout Northwest Ohio, we train others from around the country!

Glow like an angel with your Halo

The Halo laser resurfacing treatment is a dual laser by Sciton that can totally transform your skin! It wipes away the effects of aging to restore the youthful, confidence-boosting skin of your dreams. And at Blush, you’re in the best hands to achieve amazing, glowing skin with a Halo laser in Toledo! Halo, when used with the right combination anti-aging therapies, improves the appearance of numerous skin conditions, such as sun damage, aging, and acne. 

The world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser, Halo revolutionized laser resurfacing facials with its ability to deliver both non-ablative and ablative wavelengths to the same microscopic treatment zone (hence the “dual laser”—double the power for double the benefits!). This gives significant results without the downtime associated with traditional laser facials. 

So, what is a “traditional” laser facial?

Traditional facial lasers vs Halo

Traditional CO2, Erbium Yag, and Profractional laser facials cause significant downtime and require Aquaphor application for 1 to 2 weeks of healing process. These are called ablative procedures because they ablate (gradually remove material—aka your damaged top layer of skin). 

The other category of traditional laser treatments are non-ablative. Non-ablative lasers do not remove any skin—the light creates micro-damage to the skin and encourages natural skin healing. These facials are great for addressing fine lines and wrinkles on patients who are willing to wait 2 to 3 months for strong results. 

Halo laser is a fractional treatment, which can achieve similar results by combining both technologies in one. Instead of putting on Aquaphor, you can put on your makeup the next day!

The best of both worlds: Halo fractional laser

Fractional lasers are both ablative and non-ablative. They create small holes in the deeper layers of the skin to trigger and enhance skin healing. The skin’s self-healing process creates tighter, firmer, and healthier skin. We also perform fractional laser treatments to treat fine lines, acne scarring, sun damage, and pigmentation issues.

In addition to integrated cooling, with Halo we have the flexibility to completely turn off the ablation for those who want the very simplest laser treatment. Non-ablative and ablative laser wavelengths can be delivered at the same time or one or the other can be disabled, making a variety of depths and density coverage possible. 

What is the benefit of performing ablative and non-ablative treatments simultaneously?

In non-ablative treatments, we heat a column of skin called a micro thermal treatment zone to slough off the outer skin and wake up your dermal collagen. After undergoing non-ablative treatment, patients have small packets of “debris” that rise in their skin as the regenerated tissue pushes damaged tissue up and out. 

Adding ablation removes some of the tissue that would otherwise be necrosed (the term for the death of a cell) near the surface, eliminating the formation of those packets. This causes the skin to heal more quickly than other types of treatments!

What happens during treatment with the Halo laser?

During a treatment with the Halo laser, we apply customized levels of non-ablative and ablative wavelengths to achieve great results with minimal downtime. 

These wavelengths work together, creating small holes in the deeper layers of the skin to trigger and enhance skin healing. The skin’s self-healing process creates tighter, firmer, and healthier skin. We also perform fractional laser treatments to treat fine lines, acne scarring, sun damage, and pigmentation issues.

Your outermost layer of skin heals quickly after Halo treatments because the dermis (middle layer of skin) remains intact. This well-established treatment minimizes aged tissue with less thermal injury so you can get back to your life sooner. 

Normally, a little tinted moisturizer is all you need to look like yourself the day after treatment with the Halo laser in Toledo.

Clients who visit us for treatment with Halo see major improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, scars, texture, rosacea, acne, dullness, and skin laxity.

Is there a gentler option? Meet Moxi

Do you want a laser treatment, but don’t want any downtime? We’ve got that, too The Moxi non-ablative laser helps you achieve that balance with an effective laser treatment that doesn’t require downtime! One of the gentlest fractional laser treatments on the market, Moxi is also a perfect treatment for pigmentation issues. 

The best part? After treatment, you’ll experience mild redness for a few hours followed by a few days of rough skin texture as your skin sloughs off—though it isn’t enough for most people to feel the need to stay home! That’s right, you get a laser treatment and can go right back to your day.

There are several uses for a non-ablative laser treatment! If you’re interested in treating hyperpigmentation or preventing and reducing signs of aging rather than dramatically correcting skin concerns, Moxi is a perfect option. Those looking to maintain the results of more aggressive laser treatments can also benefit from it.

How to choose between Moxi and Halo?

When you visit us for your laser treatment, we will discuss whether a Moxi or a Halo laser would suit your needs. Everyone’s skin is unique, so there’s no surefire way of knowing which is right for you without having us examine your skin.

Generally, we recommend Halo for patients with deeper wrinkles and textural issues in addition to brown spots and rosacea. Halo is an effective treatment for acne scars, too. After a Halo treatment, some people may feel too red to go back to their day, but should be fine to wear makeup the next day.

By contrast, Moxi is a gentler treatment. You can get right back to your day after treatment with Moxi. If your main concern is discoloration in your skin tone, we would likely recommend Moxi. . superficial fine lines to deep acne scars or deep wrinkles. Visible lines and wrinkles will need something. 



The best part about both of these effective laser treatments is how beautifully they pair with other treatments to give you the skin of your dreams. We work together to develop a custom plan made for you!

Get the one and only Halo laser in Toledo

We don’t attract patients from all around the globe for nothing! Blush Aesthetics is the premier dermatology med spa for all northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan, because we provide the best treatments and service. Our medical providers are thrilled to offer customized anti-aging treatment plans to help you reach your goals! 

Use our virtual consultation tool now to see if these treatments could help you, or, for a one-one-one personal consultation with one of our specialists, book online for a time that fits your schedule.

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