Options for Acne Scar Improvement in Ottawa Hills

A method for acne scar improvement in Ottawa Hills

There’s no use mincing words—acne is a hassle. Finding the time to break out the concealer and wash your face can be difficult, especially if you already have a lengthy morning routine. But there’s one thing more troublesome than acne, and that’s acne scars.

Chronic acne can leave persistent, pervasive scars that can cause real blows to your self-confidence.

Thankfully, at Blush Aesthetics, we have a myriad of options for acne scar improvement in Ottawa Hills. So, don’t put up with your acne scars; get rid of them altogether with our cutting-edge skin treatments.

Laser Resurfacing

The main method we use to treat acne scars is through laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing works by stimulating collagen growth in the treatment area.

Collagen is a protein found naturally in the human body. It is responsible for the growth of several important biological materials, including skin. When we stimulate collagen production, new, healthier skin will form in the treatment area. 

So, if you have persistent acne scarring on your face, we can use one of our many laser treatments to regrow the damaged skin, leaving you looking smoother, younger, and healthier. But what laser treatment options do we have for acne scar improvement in Ottawa Hills?


We have several peels available to help you resurface your skin and reduce scarring. These peels include:

MicroLaserPeel – The MicroLaserPeel works by stimulating the skin with an intense laser in short, controlled bursts. These bursts treat the skin, leaving it with a temporary redness that is comparable to a sunburn. In a few days, you will begin to notice the quality of your skin improving.

NanoLaserPeel – The NanoLaserPeel works similarly to the MicroLaserPeel. It delivers energy beneath the surface of the skin to trigger collagen production. Your skin will show results in just a couple of days, and it will continue to improve over the next 3 to 8 weeks.

CoolPeel – Our last peel option to reduce scarring is the CoolPeel. The CoolPeel treats your skin with chilled carbon dioxide. You can see skin-clearing results in just 2 or 3 30-minute treatment sessions.

ProFractional Laser

Another method for acne scar improvement in Ottawa Hills is the ProFractional laser. The ProFractional laser is designed to treat the skin deeply.

Because the ProFractional laser is designed to produce real, noticeable results, we will need to prep the treatment area with a topical numbing agent.

A treatment for acne scar improvement in Ottawa Hills

We want you to feel comfortable during your treatment. Following your ProFractional laser treatment, we highly recommend that you refrain from using makeup for at least 24 hours. This will give your skin time to heal so you can see the most prominent results as soon as possible.

HALO Laser

The HALO laser is a versatile tool to treat a number of skin conditions, but it can also be used to reduce the color and appearance of scarring.

The HALO laser uses a blend of ablative and non-ablative technology for acne scar treatment. This combination of energies also means that it isn’t as harsh as other, similar laser resurfacing methods.

We advise sticking to the recommended maintenance treatment schedule for the best results.

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