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Searching for laser hair removal that yields real results? It’s time for QUANTA EVO. Visit Blush Aesthetics in Toledo to experience the QUANTA EVO hair removal, which uses advanced laser hair removal technology to reduce and eliminate unwanted hair growth. That means less shaving, less waxing, less plucking, and more time for you!


What QUANTA EVO Treats

This laser hair removal treatment near you targets specific areas of concern for both men and women, including:

Leg Hair

Get rid of unwanted hair on all parts of your legs, from your ankles to your upper thighs.

Underarm Hair

Address the hard-to-reach hair under your arms.

Bikini Lines

Gently eliminate bikini line hair growth.

Chest/Back Hair

Tackle unmanageable hair on your chest, torso, and back.

Facial Hair

Stop fighting hard-to-manage facial hair with a long-term facial hair reduction treatment.

Front and Back of the Neck (for men)

Want to decrease trips to the barber just for neck touch ups? We can help!


Blush Aesthetics is the go-to laser hair removal expert in Toledo. Here’s a look at how our consultation and treatment process works:



First, you’ll meet with a member of our team of specialists to discuss your goals and how a QUANTA EVO treatment can help. Your specialist will examine the areas of your body you’d like to treat and determine how we can help. If you do not have a tan to your skin or self tanning lotion on, your treatments can commence the same day as your consultation if you would like.



During your treatment, the QUANTA EVO device will focus light onto unwanted DARK (not gray or white hair) hair follicles, killing the hair and reducing the chance of future growth.



After your treatments are complete, we will discuss the percentage of reduction and adjust your treatment accordingly. Additionally, we like to learn about additional ways we can help you look and feel your best.

Why Try QUANTA EVO in Toledo?

It’s Safe

QUANTA EVO uses advanced technology that protects skin from overexposure.

It’s Fast

QUANTA EVO tool covers larger swathes of skin, resulting in minimal treatment time.

It’s Flexible

While the QUANTA EVO tool can cover large areas, it’s also able to focus on small, sensitive, and hard-to-reach areas of the body.

It’s Comfortable

While most people have no issue with the treatment, if you feel discomfort, we offer alternative pain comfort control.

Frequently asked questions

Is laser hair removal permanent?
Laser hair removal provides long-term relief from unwanted hair. 
Is laser hair removal safe?
Yes! Laser hair removal poses no threats to your health.
Is laser hair removal for men too?
Yes! Laser hair removal is perfect for men suffering from unwanted hair too. 

Am I a candidate?

Use our free Virtual Consultation tool to determine whether QUANTA EVO is your ideal treatment.


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