Treatment type:
Sessions needed:
3-4 per year
Little to none
Results duration:
8-12 weeks

Jeuveau in Toledo

Discover Jeuveau

What's Jeuveau for?

Frown Lines
Jeuveau received FDA approval in 2019 to treat frown lines.
Jeuveau is best when used preventatively, but can be used to manage lines that are etched in, including the dreaded 11s.
Crow's Feet
Alongside other modalities that improve the lines and get them improved, Jeuveau can help manage the appearance of crow's feet.

The new smooth, the new you, the Newtox

Chances are you’ve heard of wrinkle-pausing injections like Botox, but did you know there are alternative brands out there? One of our favorites is Jeuveau! This innovative wrinkle relaxer targets deep lines and creases, giving you the younger, fuller appearance you want without painful or invasive treatments. And lucky for you, Blush Aesthetics is one of the best providers of Jeuveau in Toledo!

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What happens after Jeuveau?

After Jeuveau, you may expect bruising, swelling, and tenderness at the injection sites. These side effects should be very mild and clear up within a week. After 2 to 3 weeks, you should notice your full results shining through!

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How it Works

01. Consultation
A consultation is super important for getting to know you and your goals! We start with a health history, skin analysis, and discussion of your current skincare regimen.
02. Determine Treatment
From all of this information, we will recommend a treatment plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be. If Jeuveau can help, we can get started that same day!
03. Treatment
Like its predecessors (Botox & Dysport), the first step of getting Jeuveau injections is making facial expressions to help your provider map out your treatment. We'll inject Jeuveau using an ultra-thin needle into precise locations.
04. After Care
We recommend that you avoid touching or massaging the injection area for no less than 24 hours after your Jeuveau injections.

Why try Jeuveau at Blush Aesthetics?

The Best Injectors
We get people from all over the country who want to get their Jeuveau injections from the experts at Blush!
A Unique Formula
Jeuveau is the only neuromodulator on the market formulated with prabotulinumtoxinA, which may be better for some patients.
No Downtime
You're free to go right back to your day after getting Jeuveau injections! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Jeuveau

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