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achieve your goals.

Turn back time without permanent changes.

Thread facelifts help to tighten and firm your face without cuts, incisions, or injections. If you’re considering a thread facelift in Toledo, our team of specialists can help you achieve your goals.



What PDO Thread Lifts Treat

PDO Thread lifts address:


Drooping Skin

Tighten drooping or sagging skin.


Improve unwanted wrinkles.


Smoothing of creases.

And more!

How PDO Thread Lifts Work

Here’s how our treatment process works:



Before your treatment, you’ll meet with a member of our team of thread lift specialists to discuss your goals and how our treatments can help. Your specialist will examine the areas of your face you’d like to treat and determine if thread lifts are right for you.


Determine Your Treatment

Based on our initial consultation, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan that reflects your desired results.



During your procedure, you’ll relax in our comfort-focused treatment room while your specialist performs your thread lift treatment.



After your treatments are complete, we like to follow-up to learn about your progress and discuss additional ways we can help you look and feel your best.

Before & After

Why Try a PDO Thread Facelift in Toledo?

Younger Appearance

The smoothing effect of thread facelifts give you a younger appearance and helps to fight wrinkles and creases.

No cuts or incisions

PDO thread lifts don’t require invasive cuts or incisions.

BUilds collagen

PDO thread lifts have the added benefits of aiding your bodies natural collagen production.

Frequently asked questions

Are thread facelifts painful?
Some clients experience mild pain. Your specialists will be able to help with pain management. 
When can I expect to see results?
You should see results immediately. 
Are there side effects?
Some pain and swelling is sometimes common; these should subside shortly. 

Am I a candidate?

Use our free Virtual Consultation tool to determine whether PDO thread facelifts are your ideal treatment.


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