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Are you struggling with lichen sclerosus? At Blush Aesthetics, we offer a modern approach to lichen sclerosus treatment that only takes a minute. In Toledo and the surrounding area, patients turn to us for a more effective, long-lasting solution thanks to our innovative use of the ProFractional laser.



What are lichen sclerosus treatments?

Traditional treatments for lichen sclerosus included medicated creams and ointments—typically corticosteroid formulas—that simply managed the itching and complications that often accompany lichen sclerosus.

The ProFractional laser reduces the symptoms of lichen sclerosus by triggering a targeted wound-healing response. Narrow channels of ablation kick your healing into overdrive and allow fresh, healthy skin cells to come to the surface.

How Lichen Sclerosus Treatment Works

No one has a better or more comfortable process than Blush Aesthetics. Here’s how our treatment process works:



Before your treatment, you’ll meet with a skin health specialist who will help you understand the treatment and discuss your goals. Your specialist may also do a quick examination of your lichen sclerosus symptoms to ensure your treatment is tailored to your needs.



During your treatment, you’ll relax in our comfort-focused treatment room while your ProFractional lichen sclerosus treatment specialist applies your therapy.



We like to follow-up after your lichen sclerosus treatment in Toledo to ensure the best results and learn about other ways we can help you look and feel your best.

Why Try Lichen Sclerosus Treatment in Toledo?

Restore Your Comfort

Lichen sclerosus causes itching and thin skin that’s susceptible to bruising and tearing. It typically affects the most intimate areas and can create challenges for common bodily functions, which makes effective treatment essential.

No Ointments

With a laser-based lichen sclerosus treatment, you shouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of regularly applying steroid creams and ointments.

Real Results

Our advanced approach to lichen sclerosus treatment offers real results that protect you from outbreaks for an extended period.

Frequently asked questions

What does lichen sclerosus treatment with ProFractional feel like? Does it hurt?
Everyone's experience with pain is different, so we can customize your treatment to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Additionally, we will apply a safe numbing cream at the beginning of your appointment.
Can the ProFractional laser treat other parts of my body?
Yes, we use the ProFractional laser for skin and resurfacing treatments on various different parts of the body.
Is there recovery time?
No! Most clients can return to their normal day-to-day life after treatment.

Am I a candidate?

Use our free Virtual Consultation tool to determine whether lichen sclerosus treatment with ProFractional is your ideal solution.


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