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remove unwanted hair.

Feel smooth.

Waxing is the convenient, quick way to remove unwanted hair instantly. Our waxing experts at Blush Aesthetics in Toledo have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you feel smooth, comfortable, and confident.


What Waxing Treats

No matter where it is on your body, waxing can remove unwanted hair quickly, effectively, and without the downtime of other procedures.


How Waxing Works

If you’re searching for waxing in Toledo, it doesn’t get more comfortable or convenient than Blush Aesthetics.



To begin your treatment, you’ll speak with a waxing professional who will help you understand the type of waxing will help you achieve the ideal results.



 Next, you’ll relax in our stress-free treatment rooms while your specialist smooths your body.

Why Waxing in Toledo?

Unlike other hair-removal methods, waxing is quick, effective, and affordable. Additionally, waxing in Toledo doesn’t require extensive recovery times.

Frequently asked questions

Does waxing hurt?
Waxing can be uncomfortable; however, pain is short-lived and normally not severe. 
How long does waxing last?
This can vary based on your hair growth and treatment area. Your specialists can provide more information about how long your treatment will last.
How long do treatments last?
Treatment times vary, but most last between 30 minutes and an hour.

Am I a candidate?

Use our free Virtual Consultation tool to determine whether waxing is your ideal treatment.


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