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If you’re tired of the grind of regular makeup application, semi-permanent makeup is just right for you. Our team of makeup experts at the Blush Aesthetics office in Toledo is ready to help you today.



What Semi-Permanent Makeup Treats

Semi-permanent makeup saves you the time and hassle of makeup application with safe and long-lasting pigmentation. Whether you’re tired of the time it takes to apply makeup in the morning, or you’re over the cost of expensive cosmetics, semi-permanent makeup is for you.


How Semi-Permanent Makeup Works

Our semi-permanent makeup treatments in Toledo are simple:



 A member of our team will meet with you to discuss your goals, and suggest the perfect treatment.



Your procedure itself is relatively painless, though some clients report mild discomfort. If you feel pain, let your specialist know.

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Why Semi-Permanent Makeup in Toledo?

This simple treatment is ideal for cutting down the cost and time of regular makeup application. Additionally, our trained staff at Blush Aesthetics can provide a tailored treatment that works with your unique facial features and skin tone.

Frequently asked questions

Does Semi-Permanent Makeup hurt?
Some clients report mild discomfort during treatment. If you feel pain, let your specialists know; they can adjust your treatment to ensure you remain comfortable. 
Are there side effects?
Mild swelling is common; however, this will completely dissipate within 24 hours. 
Will I need downtime?
We use a local numbing agent for the treatment area, but this will not affect your motor skills. If you notice swelling, you may give yourself a day to recover. 
How long will this last?
Treatments can last up to several years. Regular touch-up treatments are recommended to ensure long-lasting results. 

Am I a candidate?

Use our free Virtual Consultation tool to determine whether semi-permanent makeup is your ideal treatment.


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