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Perfect lashes, all the time.

Our unique “lash tint and lift” eyelash treatment in Toledo is ideal for those with stubborn, short, thin, or droopy eyelashes. This easy, pain-free tint and lift will help to give you the lashes you want without time-consuming procedures. It’s also a great add-on for those visitors traveling to Toledo to Blush Aesthetics and would like to leave looking and feeling glamorous after a laser appointment or filler injection.



What Lash Tints and Lifts Treat

Lash tint and lift treatments treat tired, thin, uneven, droopy, and stubborn eyelashes, giving you the full, even look you’ve always wanted.


How Lash Tints and Lifts Work

Our eyelash treatments are simple. You’ll meet with one of our specialists at our Toledo medical spa, discuss your goals, and then talk about how the treatment can help address your needs.

Why Try Lash Tints and Lifts in Toledo?

This simple, effective treatment can have a positive impact on your looks without time-consuming or painful treatments.

Frequently asked questions

Do tints and lifts hurt?
No! This eyelash treatment is painless and doesn't require downtime or recovery. 
How long do treatments take?
Treatment times can vary based on what your lashes and goals. 

Am I a candidate?

Use our free Virtual Consultation tool to determine whether eyelash lifts and tints are your ideal treatment.


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