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Laser vein treatment in Toledo

Go Away, Veins

What's laser vein treatment for?

Visible Vessels
Visible vessels don't stand a chance against ClearV.
Broken Capillaries
Broken capillaries that don't heal on their own can be cleared away.
Spider Veins
Clear away unwanted spider veins on the face and legs.
Facial Redness
Reduce redness in your cheeks, nose, or forehead, and enjoy an even facial skin tone.

Do a vanishing act on your unwanted veins

When you think about visible veins, you may be picturing your grandma’s ropey varicose veins, but that’s just one type. Visible veins, caused by enlarged or broken blood vessels, can appear as rosacea and port wine stains to spider veins and birthmarks. Blush Aesthetics offers laser vein treatment in Toledo with ClearV, a device specifically designed to eliminate these unwanted vessels.

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What happens after laser vein treatment with ClearV?

After your laser vein treatment, you’ll likely notice a little redness and swelling in the treatment area. You will need to protect your skin from the sun for at least 24 hours, but otherwise there’s no real downtime or healing needed. Within 2 to 8 weeks of your treatment, you should start to notice a reduction in veins—especially if you make a habit of wearing compression stockings and elevating your legs whenever possible!

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How it Works

01. Consultation
Beginning with an assessment of your legs, a review of your health history, and discussion about your current lifestyle, we work with you to learn all about your top concerns.
02. Determine Treatment
Equipped with the info gathered during your consultation, we decide what treatment(s) support your goals. If laser vein treatment can help, it's time to get started!
03. Treatment
While you lay back and relax, your provider applies the ClearV vein ablation device to your treatment area. It delivers pulses of energy that target the unwanted veins to remove them.
04. After Care
After your laser vein treatment, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to care for your skin. We will ensure you are happy with your results and can recommend additional ways we can help you look and feel your best.

Why visit Blush for laser vein treatment in Toledo?

Safe all year
Unlike many other laser treatments, ClearV can be safely performed during any season.
Safe for all skin
The ClearV treatment is the treatment of choice for all skin types (Fitzpatrick I – VI).
No downtime
ClearV treatment is fast and gentle enough to let you return to your normal activities after your appointment.

Laser vein treatment FAQs

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