Semi-Permanent Makeup

Women of all ages and stages explore ways to make life easier and our daily rituals more efficient. With this, minimizing our makeup routine certainly makes the list. Semi-permanent makeup is an easy and affordable way to simplify your day. At Blush Aesthetics, our licensed professionals are experts in safely and correctly applying semi-permanent makeup to your aesthetic regimen for optimal and natural looking results.

Why Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup is a great way to align inner confidence with outer beauty. Over time, some features of our facial appearance will change. This is often due to hormonal changes women experience. However, changes in certain facial features also come from changes in skin tone and texture as well as from scarring from accidents or sun damage. Semi-permanent makeup enhances the appearance with results that are closely matched to your natural features. Our goal at Blush Aesthetics is to help you reflect on the outside the confidence you have on the inside with a natural appearance.


Eyebrows make a dramatic difference in our appearance. Ways to accentuate the eyebrows is a concern for millions of adult women across the globe. With time, it is common for eyebrows to change in shape, volume and even color. From waxing to plucking to adding volume, ways to keep eyebrows coiffed is a daunting task. Women consult Blush Aesthetics for semi-permanent makeup in the eyebrow area to add volume where the fine hairs have been lost or thinned. In addition, we will match the color of your eyebrows as well as the natural shape to achieve the look you desire.



Semi-permanent eyeliner is a wonderful way to simplify your cosmetic routine. With the hot months of Spring and Summer here, semi-permanent eyeliner is a welcome addition to an aesthetic regimen. Quickly hit the beach, pool or your vacation without adding the daily chore of applying eyeliner.  Additionally, you don’t have to worry about smudging.

Keep in mind while it may be tempting to apply semi-permanent makeup at home or at a non-licensed shop, this can be very dangerous to your skin and eyes.

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Semi-Permanent Makeup FAQs

Is semi-permanent makeup safe for all skin colors?

Yes! Semi-permanent makeup is a good choice for all skin colors for all areas of the face. We will match your natural skin color perfectly.

I have oily skin. Is semi-permanent makeup right for me?

One of the best features of semi-permanent makeup is that it fits well with any skin type or tone. With that, we will take care to assess yours individually and apply the perfect match. Dr. Erin may recommend a complementary technique and skin care regimen for your oily skin as well.


Is there much downtime?

Semi-permanent makeup requires minimal downtime. You will be able to get right back to your active lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of a simplified routine immediately.


Is the application process painful?

Our licensed professionals are highly trained in applying semi-permanent makeup with minimal discomfort. Because of that, we will ensure you have a comfortable, pain-free experience.

Isn’t it time to align your inner confidence with your outer beauty? Get a natural look and simplify your life with semi-permanent makeup at Blush Aesthetics.