Look Younger with a PDO Thread Facelift

Everyone reaches an age when we stand in the mirror and pull our skin back, erasing sags and wrinkles. But even then, we may not be ready to commit to a full, surgical facelift. PDO thread facelifts offer a long-lasting, minimally invasive option with virtually none of the risks of traditional facelift surgery.

What Makes Skin Tight?

As we age, we lose the collagen and elastin in our skin. Elastin is what keeps our skin tight and allows it to "snap back" when it is wrinkled or pulled. Collagen plumps the skin from underneath. However, collagen production begins to decline in our 30s and continues until, by age 70, we have lost eighty percent.

Each year leaves our skin with less of the spring and support that gives us a more youthful look. As the collagen structures in the deeper layers break down, skin with reduced elastin becomes loose and begins to sag. This loss is what causes a hollowed look to cheeks, a softened jawline and deeper wrinkles such as the folds between your nose and the corners of the mouth.

What is a Thread Facelift?

A thread facelift is a minimally invasive procedure that offers a non-surgical solution for loose and sagging skin. In the past, a facelift meant serious surgery, a certain amount of risk and a lengthy recovery period. PDO threading uses dissolvable sutures to provide a subtle but significant lift by tightening the skin. At Blush Aesthetics, we take pride in using only FDA-approved threads.

How do Threads Work?

After the threads are in place, the body begins to rebuild lost collagen structures around the sutures, creating a natural and gradual smoothing of wrinkles. The polydioxanone (PDO) threads are the same sutures commonly used in cardiovascular surgery, do not require anchoring and dissolve without creating scar tissue. They are more pliable and have greater strength than other absorbable sutures. When used in soft tissue, PDO undergoes hydrolysis, breaking down and dissolving while increasing the strength of the tissue during healing.

By using different lengths of threads and tension customized to your unique facial features, we can create an instantly younger-looking face that will only improve over the coming months.

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Increase Your Skin's Elasticity with Minimally Invasive PDO Threads

What Issues can be Improved With a Thread Facelift?

Our PDO thread facelift is an excellent solution for fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin you may see around the mouth, eyes, cheeks, nose, jaw, chin and forehead areas.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Thread Facelift?

A thread facelift offers subtle changes and is best suited to those in their late 30s to early 50s who are just beginning to experience skin laxity and sagging. Thread facelifts can also be an option for older patients who cannot have a traditional facelift because of health conditions or a reluctance to undergo major surgery. Women who have children, busy careers, or can't take a couple of weeks of rest to recover from surgery also benefit from a thread lift's short and relatively easy recovery. During your initial consultation at Blush, we'll go over your medical history and your goals to determine if a thread facelift will be safe and effective for you.

What Should I Expect During my Thread Facelift?

At Blush Aesthetics, a PDO thread facelift takes about 30 minutes to perform, is non-surgical and there is no need for general anesthesia. After a local anesthetic is given and the patient is comfortable, a specially designed thin needle is used to insert the threads into the skin and tighten where needed.

What is the Recovery Time for a Thread Facelift?

The thread facelift at Blush typically has little to no downtime. Patients need to treat their skin gently while the threads settle into place and the skin heals. While some patients experience some soreness, redness and swelling, most feel and look well enough to return to their daily routines immediately. 

Because thread facelifts are minimally invasive and use materials that dissolve naturally in the skin, there is little risk of bruising, bleeding, infection or scarring.

How Long do the Results of a Thread Facelift Last?

The results of the thread facelift can be seen immediately, gradually improving over the following weeks and lasting 12 to 18 months. During this time, natural collagen rebuilds around the threads, repairing the structures that lift the skin. Six months after the procedure, the threads dissolve, and the new collagen creates the lift. As the collagen ages, the effect is gradually lost.

Can I Combine Other Treatments With a Thread Facelift?

Because PDO threads are a minimally invasive, non-ablative procedure it can be combined with laser treatments, peels, fillers and other skin rejuvenation treatments to optimize your results.

At Blush Aesthetics, our goal is to offer expert procedures and products that help our clients align their inner confidence with their outer beauty. If skin laxity and loss of luster are affecting your self-confidence, contact Blush Aesthetics at 419.595.5851 to learn more about PDO threads today.