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Med Spa Combination Therapies

There’s no one right answer for anti-aging.

To help you feel like the real you, we’ve built our entire practice around providing the right skin treatments, resources, and support to our clients throughout Northern Ohio. This includes helping clients realize the benefits of combining different med spa treatments.

Incredible anti-aging results are within your reach when you team up with Blush for effective med spa combination therapies.

Many clients who come through our doors are surprised to learn there is rarely a one-and-done anti-aging treatment available for them. We always learn everything we can about your skin, routine, and history, then work with you to customize a care plan that includes the best mix of treatments. At Blush, we do our best to give you care plan options with various price points, then you have the freedom to choose where you’re comfortable starting!

Combine to achieve and maintain results

Under the guidance of our experts, different treatments are safe to use within one care plan.

Our nurse practitioners and nurses at Blush provide proven and credible anti-aging procedures that, when performed in the right order with the proper time between treatments, result in anti-aging that can take years off your appearance.

Types of Combination Treatment Plans

Because each client receives a customized treatment plan, there’s no way to know exactly what treatments will benefit your concerns until your skin consultation. Most treatment plans will include a combination of laser and light therapies, injectable biostimulators, and tox. Younger patients, for example, might get best results from starting with BBL Hero and the Red Carpet 1064 laser facial for resurfacing and a tox product to prevent dynamic wrinkles.


Patients in their 40s may see better results from BBL Hero and the Moxi laser facial for resurfacing, biostimulators for additional collagen stimulation, and tox.


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Our mission

Offering go-to skin treatments in the Toledo area for both local and regional patients, our mission at Blush Aesthetics is to promote healthy living, graceful aging, and natural results. A revived and youthful exterior to support a confident interior is what we aim for. We want your friends and family to notice how happy and refreshed you look.

With every skin treatment, we offer the care, attention to detail, and results-oriented services you need to look and feel your best.