Online Booking Questions and Tips

What is my user name?
Your user name is your mobile phone number or email address that was supplied upon your first appointment. Don't recall what it is? Text us at 419-495-6410and we can help!
I forgot my password...again!?!? Now what?
Simply click on the Forgot Password link and enter your mobile number or email to get a secure code sent to your email on file with us. Once you have confirmed this code, you can create a new password to access your account. If you still have trouble, it's likely due to information in our system for you has a typo or an old information. Text us at 419-495-6410 to get more help.
What can I do with my online account?
Its more like, what can't you! Once you have access to your online account you can book and modify appointments 24/7, see upcoming or past appointments, review membership and package balances, see what products you have purchased in the past, buy digital gift cards, update patient information and complete any forms associated with up coming appointments (if necessary).
Where do I get started??
Click on the Schedule button at the top of this page.