Everyone wants to look and feel their most vibrant. It’s normal to lose some of that natural luster with age, lifestyle or illness. If you would like your skin to feel rejuvenated without the downtime, expense or pain of some other treatments, explore Halo™ laser treatment.

In the past, if you wanted skin rejuvenation, the choices were limited. Either go for procedures with the results you wanted but a long, painful recovery time, or opt for procedures with minimal downtime but with minimal results. Halo™ laser treatment brings the best of both together for you.

Halo™ is a Personalized Treatment 

For women and men, the Halo™ laser treatment is a non-surgical, little to no downtime solution to improve the visible signs of aging, sun damage and even acne and other types of scarring.

The Halo laser treatment allows the specialists at Blush Aesthetics to design a laser treatment specifically for you. If you simply want a little polishing Halo gives that to you. Looking for a more extensive skin rejuvenation? Halo gives you that, too. The Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser’s (HFL) technology is designed to be truly personalized to your individual goals. Even better, within a few days after your very first treatment, you will begin to see overall improved tone and texture and a more vibrant glow.  

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Blush Aesthetics was the first office in the Toledo area to offer the Halo™ laser treatment and half of all the patients treated with Halo are men.  

How Does Halo™ Laser Treatment Work?

Halo is brought to you by the leaders in laser technology, Sciton. Halo uses the world’s first HFL to jump-start the skin’s natural remodeling process to boost collagen and elastin production. Halo delivers ablative results with non-ablative technology.   

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Is Halo™ Laser Treatment Right for Me?

If you are looking for a minimal downtime, effective treatment to improve your overall radiance, tone and texture, Halo is the answer. Halo™ laser treatment is virtually pain-free for most patients and works with your body’s natural responses to give you that overall glow. Halo is safe and effective for all skin tones and colors and is a great choice for facial rejuvenation. It effectively treats other areas of the body, too. Chest, hands and arms are all areas that can make everyone feel older than they would like by showing visible signs of aging or sun damage. 


If You Have Any of the Following Concerns, Halo™ is Right for You:

  • Uneven skin tone
  • Poor skin texture
  • Visible signs of aging
  • Overall sun damage
  • Appearance of acne and other types of scars
  • Discoloration
  • Enlarged pores

What Kind of Results can I Expect to See with Halo™ Laser Treatment?

It’s important to know what to expect with your Halo laser treatment. Halo gives you both short and long-term results. Right after your treatment you’ll have minor redness but can go right back to your routine. You can apply mineral makeup within 24 hours of your treatment. Within 5-7 days you’ll notice an overall improved tone and texture. You’ll notice the long-term benefits within 6-8 weeks as fine lines diminish and skin has a more luminous, smooth glow. Many patients choose to return for follow-up Halo treatments as needed because they love the results so much.  

You Can Expect to See the Following Results with Halo™ Laser Treatment 

  1. Improved skin tone and texture
  2. Smoothing out of fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Scars will have a smoother appearance and feel
  4. More even skin tone
  5. Lightening of discolorations

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Ready to return your skin to its natural luster with minimal downtime? Explore what Halo™ laser treatment can do for you.