Natural Eyelash Extensions

The eyes have it. The lashes do, too. Eyelash extensions are the perfect way to accentuate your look and enhance your natural beauty. In fact, many women look to this beauty staple for a simple and long-term way to accentuate their eyes and overall appearance. For special occasions or for every day, eyelash extensions at Blush Aesthetics are a smart investment that will give you that special added feature.

Why Eyelash Extensions?

When it comes to the face, eyes are one of the main ways of showing expression. Over time, volume in eyelashes can be lost. At the same time, many women are born with thinner eyelashes. Genetics and hormonal changes both play a part. Eyelash extensions perfectly matched to your natural shape, volume and color dramatically enhance your appearance.

Here in the Perrysburg area, whether your summer plans include touring one of our beautiful state parks or taking in the botanical gardens, be photo-ready with ease with eyelash extensions at Blush.

Modern Techniques, Natural Look

Eyelash extensions are becoming more common across the country. This technique has been modernized with different approaches, materials and customized looks. Fake eyelashes of yesteryear are gone and replaced with the completely personalized eyelash extensions of today. When applied correctly, it is hard to tell if they are the natural lash or extensions. Next time you notice a woman with full, lush eyelashes that look like her own... they are likely eyelash extensions. That is always our goal at Blush Aesthetics: to enhance your natural features effectively and safely.

Get camera-ready with ease for your special event or for every day!

At Home Application

Like many cosmetic enhancements, there are many products on the market to do-it-yourself with eyelash extensions. Taking this route could prove very risky. The eyelash is the closest to the eye. One incorrect move in the application or the use of outdated or defective products in the process could permanently damage your eyes and impair vision. Don’t risk your sight, invest in professional application with licensed experts at Blush.

Why Eyelash Extensions? Here are 5 Benefits of Eyelash Extensions at Blush Aesthetics

  1. Simplify your daily cosmetic routine. Just wake up and go!
  2. Eliminates the need for mascara.
  3. Keeps you safe without DIY lashes that are time consuming and dangerous
  4. Perfect for water activities, sports and special events
  5. Give an added, dramatic feature in photographs as well as for everyday

Applied for Special Occasions...

For special events, eyelash extensions are a great investment of time and money. They will be personalized, too. Maybe you want a long, lush and thick look for your special event. Or, perhaps you want a softer, more subtle extension. Whatever the look you are seeking, the licensed experts at Blush will help you achieve just the right balance. In fact, many brides come to us to get the perfect look for their special day. Eyelash extensions enhance your beauty in person as well as in photos.

...Or for Everyday Wear

Not only do women trust Blush for their special events, but they also look to our expertise to simplify their everyday routine. Consider the investment of time and money over years in applying mascara day in and day out. With spring and summer activities here, adding eyelash extensions is one of the easiest ways to get on with the fun of life without the added worry of smeared, running mascara or the hassle of waterproof products.

At Blush Aesthetics, our eyelash extension process is safe, effective and painless. Let us help you choose just the right look to give you the lashes you’ve always wanted. We will recommend proper follow-up care, too. Contact us today to learn more.