Often, common signs of aging and life events are accentuated on our face a little more than we would prefer. Stress, laughter and joy can leave unwanted, lasting marks. “Elevens,” the vertical frown lines between the eyes, lines around the mouth and deep forehead lines lead patients to seek Botox® here at Blush Aesthetics.  

What is Botox®?

Botox® is an injectable, prescription treatment that contains an active ingredient that temporarily relaxes the facial muscles known to cause deep expression lines. These include frown lines, laugh lines, deep crow’s feet and forehead lines. Botox® is proven effective to lessen the appearance of the deep facial furrows that sometimes misalign our inner and outer confidence. This treatment is FDA approved for adult men and women who want a more youthful appearance that reflects their inner confidence. 

Not just temporary: A recent study suggests regular Botox treatments actually improve skin quality and integrity long-term

Is Botox® Right for Me?

Botox® is a great choice for those with frown lines and fine lines who want a more vibrant, confident appearance without surgery and with minimal downtime. If certain signs of environmental stress or premature aging are not reflecting your innermost confidence, let’s talk about Botox®. 

Who is a Candidate for BOTOX®?

Botox® Treats the Following Conditions:

  • Glabellar lines: The Glabella is the area of skin located between the eyebrows and above the nose. Often, normal responses like frowning or squinting result in deep creases. These “frown lines” develop between the eyebrows and are referred to as “elevens” because they appear as two straight vertical side-by-side lines. Age, sun exposure and genetics are all contributing factors to creases on the face. Injections of Botox relax these muscles so that when you frown these creases do not form. In fact, for moderate to severe Glabella lines, there is a higher dose of Botox® now available.


  •  Forehead Lines: Forehead lines result in repeated, normal responses that flex these muscles underneath the skin. Everyday actions like lively conversations, dreaming while asleep or opening eyes wider to see all create forehead lines over time. These lines are one of the most common reasons patients seek Botox®. The treatment blocks the nerves impulses that cause forehead muscles to contract, causing wrinkles not to form. The results are a smooth, natural and relaxed forehead area.  


  • Crow’s Feet: Eyes are one of the most important and expressive parts of the body. Age, sun exposure and genetics cause lines and drooping in this area. Personalized Botox® treatments relax the muscles around the eyes for a natural look, smoother look. Our specialist will consult with you on the exact look you want to achieve with Botox® around the eyes. Whether desire a completely smooth area or want to maintain a few small lines for expression, Blush Aesthetics can help you achieve the look you’re after.

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Inner Confidence, Outer Beauty: Almost 70% of patients get Botox® to improve their self-confidence and well-being.

Botox® Cost

Botox® cost is one of the most frequently asked questions we encounter. Botox® injections are patient-centered depending upon the units needed. With that, costs vary with each person. Our average pricing is $125-$275 per procedure. Our specialist will consult with you privately to learn more about the look and feel you want to achieve. Most patients find a minimal number of units is a good start as they can always be increased over time if needed. Contact our office to schedule your private consultation and obtain unit pricing.

Let’s talk. If frown lines, forehead lines or crow’s feet are affecting your innermost confidence, consider Botox®. The results are natural and relaxed with minimal downtime.