Often, even with a healthy eating plan and fitness regimen those stubborn “trouble spots” remain. This can affect outer confidence, but it doesn’t have to. RF Body Sculpting at Blush Aesthetics is the answer to tighten, tone and slim those tough, stubborn spots with little to no downtime. Tummy, legs and even the neck area all respond extremely well to RF Body Sculpting. The body sculpting process is easy, pain-free and with minimal downtime. If you do all you can to achieve the outer appearance you desire but still have areas you want to tighten and tone, take a closer look at what body sculpting at Blush Aesthetics can do for you.   

Why Patients Choose Body Sculpting

Genetics, significant weight loss, skin tone and loss of elasticity with aging. These are just a few of the reasons certain areas of the body hold on to a little extra padding no matter what steps you take. It’s normal but it can be frustrating, too. At Blush Aesthetics, our goal is to help every man and woman we see align their inner confidence with their outer appearance. If you have areas of your body that hold you back from feeling that alignment, a series of body sculpting treatments will help. Our male and female patients love the results and ease of the process. They go right back to their normal routine. Body sculpting is perfect for an upcoming special occasion and it’s great for every day, too. We all deserve to feel our best.

How does Body Sculpting Work?

Tripolar RF Body Sculpting at Blush Aesthetics works in a 4-step cascade process. First, body sculpting works by delivering focused, comfortable heat to the layers of treated skin. Next, this heat causes fat cells within those trouble spots to shrink. Third, body sculpting increases collagen and elastin production which are what gives skin its youthful, supple appearance. Finally, the heat causes the skin to contract which tightens the area.

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Let Your Inner Beauty Shine!

Is Body Sculpting Right for Me?

Body sculpting is a great choice for many different areas of the body. If you give your body the attention it needs in healthy, balanced eating, physical activity and lifestyle but still have areas where extra inches in weight or loose skin stick around, body sculpting is the answer. Body sculpting is not surgery. You won’t have the invasive procedure of surgical choices nor the painful recovery time. 

Consider Body Sculpting if You Have the Following Concerns:

  • Extra inches in the tummy area
  • Loose skin in the neck area
  • “Banana roll” on the back of the upper thighs
  • Extra weight on the inside of the thighs that doesn’t respond to proper exercise
  • Added inches in the waist area

What Results can I Expect with Body Sculpting at Blush Aesthetics?

Patients look forward to their first body sculpting treatment to shrink stubborn areas. Knowing what to expect sets you up for success. During the body sculpting procedure you will feel a warming sensation. The temperature is controlled to your comfort level and is completely pain-free. Each session of body sculpting lasts less than an hour depending upon the areas treated. Many patients like the results so much that they choose to have many trouble spots treated back to back. After your body sculpting treatment, you’ll be able to return right back to your normal routine.  

You Can Expect to See the Following Results with Body Sculpting:

  • Smaller circumference
  • Slimmer appearance
  • Tightened skin
  • More even skin tone
  • Reduced cellulite
  • Stretch marks lighten and appear less noticeable

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How Long Will Body Sculpting Last?

Most patients see tightening and toning of the skin right after their first treatment. Depending on the areas treated and the desired results, up to 6 treatments may be advised. We usually space these treatments three weeks apart. Final body sculpting results last for years to come with proper aftercare.  

You deserve to exude outer confidence that matches how great you feel inside. If trouble spots keep you from feeling your most confident, see us at Blush Aesthetics to learn more about body sculpting.